Buy Abflussfee: The behind the new miracle cure

Abflussfee is called the newest miracle cure for the bathroom, recently in the Vox-business show &# 8220; The Cave Lion&# 8221; was presented. The product combines the functions of a drain plug with a cleaning stone and to keep the sink clean and simultaneously release a pleasant smell. How does it work? You can buy the Abflussfee know? And who is the bathroom product has actually come up with the magic name? We clarify.

In the business show cave lion&# 8221 ;, which last night went back on Vox, clever inventors present creative ideas and must convince bares to invest in inventions money business. Because they involve huge sums in the invention must have hermachen what the &Lions; # 8220&# 8221; to convince. With the &Abflussfee; # 8220&# 8221; presented the plumber Karl-Heinz Bilz (60) last night a product that is already causing a sensation in the network and social media. This is a new drain plug that will also simultaneously hold the sink clean and make conventional cleanser superfluous.

Abflussfee: What is it?

The Abflussfee is neither a conventional drain plug still a cleaner for the sink, but strictly speaking both. Thus, the novel Bader of some works:

  • Basically, these are a drain plug &# 8211; But instead of keeping only the water in the basin, which still includes Abflussfee to a fragrance stone, which dissolves gradually in water.
  • Result: A pleasant smell pervades the bathroom.
  • but more importantly the cleaning function. The scent stone is to prevent stuck fat, shaving cream, soap scum or hair in the drain and contaminate the pool.
  • Instead, the Abflussfee pulls the dirt film in the Gulli and prevents mold occur.
  • The use of aggressive cleaning agents should therefore be superfluous.
  • After about three months of their exchanges the urinal cake in the Abflussfee with a new stone.
  • In addition, the aroma stone should also be more environmentally friendly.

Abflussfee cleaner

The Abflussfee keeps the sink clean and the same time exuding a pleasant fresh scent.

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The Cave Lion: The best tech products, which can be purchased

You can buy commercially the Abflussfee know?

The Abflussfee was indeed presented yesterday, also the inventor Karl-Heinz Bilz sought even after start-up capital, which he then finally got the entrepreneur Ralf Dümmel. Nevertheless, you can already buy the Abflussfee.

  • The mail order company Otto leads the Abflussfee already in range &# 8211; the cleaner costs about 15 euros, includes 5 cleaning stones to change and will be delivered within 2-3 days.
  • On Maxxworld you can even buy the Abflussfee currently for only 10 euros.
  • In Kodi you can buy more the Duftsteine ​​for Abflussfee in packs of four. Cost point per package: 4, 95 euros.

Tip: If you want to buy a Abflussfee, should you work cut you. The demand for the clever Bader unifier is currently enormous, and it may well be that delivery bottlenecks in the coming days. If you will no longer find it in normal online stores, you should definitely times on eBay or eBay Classifieds look whether the Abflussfee will be offered there.

Who the Abflussfee has thought?

Inventor of Abflussfee is the 60-year-old Karl-Heinz Bilz from Nidderau. Bilz is a qualified plumbing and heating champion and worked in his profession for 40 years. The Abflussfee is not the first invention of the sanitary Master: Karl Heinz Bilz for 20 years, member of the German Association of Inventors and also has looked after young inventors already volunteer in this role. Total Bilz has already signed 11 patents over the years, including the tool &Prüffix; # 8220&# 8221; with which one can check whether the two tubes are sealed, a sealing sleeve and a pipe cutter.

Abflussfee Karl Heinz Bilz

Karl Heinz image presents the Abflussfee in &# 8220; The Cave Lion&# 8221 ;.

With the Abflussfee managed now Bilz to convince in the Lions' Den. &# 8220; We have a large market, a great need. It looks good, it smells good and it cleans. Here everything is right! You shall earn, I want to earn and then we'll all be happy&# 8221 ;, as the inventor of last night confident. So that he could convince the entrepreneur Ralf Dümmel that supports the product in the future with 250,000 euros.

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