How to find the Firefox Tools menu

The Tools menu in Firefox includes many features for settings and optimizations for the browser. You can reach the extras on the Firefox menu bar. If this bar is not visible, you can by clicking on the Firefox icon or the Alt key to display the menu bar again.

Quick access to the Firefox Tools receive through the shortcut "Alt + X". After a Mozilla Firefox Download You should call this menu to specify certain settings for Firefox, for example. specify as the download destination folder or Home of Firefox.

Firefox Tools

The Firefox Tools menu and its functions

reach under "Downloads" download history with an overview of all your downloads made to date in the browser. Click here to download or the downloaded file directly open the target folder.

Under "Add-ons" you get an overview of all your installed Firefox plugins. This allows you to manage at this, disable or completely remove from your system. In the add-ons are already installed dictionaries to spell check in Firefox.

"Set up sync" with you to synchronize your Firefox installation with multiple devices when z. B. Use your Firefox profile on multiple computers or use Firefox in the mobile version. Click this button keep all your personal information with Firefox on all devices up-to-date. These can be stored passwords, new bookmarks or Firefox Chronicle. The data is there for your safety encrypted on the Mozilla servers.

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Firefox Tools for Advanced Users

The "web developer" menu is of course interesting with its features for advanced Internet users. Here you can eg. As can the individual HTML elements of the current page by simple control with the mouse. Also, you can change the size of the displayed web page on the menu manually to check about how a page on a mobile version of Firefox looks.

The page information is interesting more for advanced users. So you can check which encryption uses the page, how often the examined site has been visited so far, and which media are on the side here. This can be done individually, set the permissions has the current page. For example, can be avoided that graphics or pop-up window for the current page displayed or are blocked here.

About the Firefox Tools menu You can also start Firefox in private mode. In this mode, you prevent the browser records private information while surfing the Internet. So no search terms and cookies are stored in active mode and private created any chronicle of Firefox for the meeting so that it can not keep track of which sites you have visited in the session.

If you want to delete your previous history of pages visited to keep about your user behavior in front of other guests of the browser secret, you can do "Clear Recent History" this on the next button. Here, all search terms entered and entries in forms, and cookies and other Web pages settings can be removed. You can set whether only the chronicle of the last few hours or the entire Chronicle to be deleted.

The download history lists all your transacted lately downloads via the Firefox browser. It allows you to quickly start the download with a double-click or open the target folder for downloads by right-clicking.

In the Firefox settings, you can configure a number of other configurations for surfing with the Firefox browser, for example, the display of text on Web pages or the behavior of Firefox Chronicle.

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