Persona 5: release date for Europe – Pre-order now

After the Japanese release date is for some time, is finally known now when Persona is also published with us. 5 are English or German trailer for the continuation of the RPG series is not still, fans have the Japanese but translated already busy.


Persona 5 - New Opening

Update August 11:

By now you can pre-order in Germany Persona fifth The release for Europe is scheduled for February 14 2017th Persona 5 appear for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation third

order the PS3 version of Person 5 on Amazon

the Collector&Order s edition of Persona 5 on Amazon; # 039

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Original News August 9, 17:31:

Although the unusual Japanese RPG series Persona brisk popularity, you've got to wait already for almost ten years, until a true sequel of the fourth part will appear. Although a new console game has been announced a long time ago, yet Persona 5 is still not even released in Japan. There, the role-playing game with the distinctive style will only be available from September. A western release date nothing had been known. All the better that you now are allowed in this country rejoice in a release. Persona 5 will be released on February 14, 2017 in Europe.

New game from Persona-author looks usual bizarre

Moreover, Atlus released new information and bulky trailer for the upcoming Persona part. YouTube user dominationkid w. has all the videos that Atlus has released on its own channel, caught and provided with English subtitles. Among them is a 17-minute gameplay video that was presented by Atlus during a live stream to Persona. 5 On his channel, there are also some videos in which some of the characters from Persona are presented. 5

17 minutes gameplay from Persona 5:

In Persona 5 you are part of the phantom thieves who penetrate with supernatural powers in the hearts of people to bring their true colors reappear. The game refers to the concept of the persona, the self by Carl Gustav Jung. The Phantom Thieves are those in who need their help and get their forces here from the internal forces of the people. A beautiful story that not only anime fans can look forward to, but anyone who appreciates special stories. Finally Persona 5 is designed to appeal not only fans of the series, but also new players.

In another trailer, which is also of dominationkid w. was published in translated version on YouTube, you can see the endless dungeons in Persona 5, which also &Mementos; # 8216&8217; to be named. Also, you witness how the Persona Morgana turned into a bus that you can move you through the underground will.

5 person appears to us on February 14, 2017. In the same context Publisher Koch Media announced the various special editions.

Are you looking forward already as much as we on Persona 5? How you like the new trailer and screenshots?

These special editions will be on Persona 5:


The Steelbook version of Persona. 5


In the Collectros edition of Persona 5 is next to the Steelbook a soundtrack CD, Morgana as plush trailer, a artbook, a school bag and the Collector&# 8217; s box included.

New screenshots of Persona 5:

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