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The free Surivival horror Unturned has developed very quickly became the absolute cult and still plays a major role in the leaderboards of Steam. In Unturned you have endless possibilities for crafting and you can create as useful ammunition or build houses. 

Due to the variety of ways players can be fast times confused. Who, for example, used to the crafting of Minecraft, get confused here. But do not worry, our Guide explained to you not only the Crafting in Unturned, but you also introduces a list of all items that you can crafting in the game.

In order to survive the zombie mayhem, you have to craft at Unturned

In order to survive the zombie mayhem, you have to craft at Unturned

unturned &# 8211; Crafting for useful items

Crafting the Free2Play unturned plays a major role. It may mean your survival in the zombie world. Will you therefore crafting, you have in your inventory on the Hammer and wrench icon click. On one side you can now find two slots for Items and on the other side a slot for the Tool, the you need to manufacture. The following tables can be found Items, the you can produce with crafting at Unturned.

10 tips on how to survive in their Unturned

Crafting for versions from 3.0

in the August 2014 the new version of Unturned appeared. With it you can also crafting new items and uses above all other items. In the following tables you will find some important Crafting Recipes for the 3.0 version of Unturned.

Special accessories and supplies

ResultToolingredientsCrafting Level
1x Maple Plank (maple board)4x Maple sticks (maple sticks)0
3x Maple Planks (maple boards)Saw (Saw)1x Maple Log (maple wood chips)0
4x Maple sticks (maple sticks)Saw (Saw)1x Maple Plank (maple board)0
1x Birch Plank (birch board)4x sticks Birch (Betula poles)0
3x Birch Planks (birch boards)Saw (Saw)1x Birch Log (birch wood chips)0
4x sticks Birch (Betula poles)Saw (Saw)1x Birch Plank (birch board)0
1x Pine Plank (pine board)4x Pine Sticks (pine sticks)0
3x Pine Planks (pine boards)Saw (Saw)1x Pine Log (pine wood chips)0
4x Pine Sticks (pine sticks)Saw (Saw)1x Pine Plank (pine board)0
3x Metal bars (metal bar)A welding torch (Blowtorch)1x Metal Scrap (metal scrap)0

Storage for your materials and Co.

ResultToolingredientsCrafting Level
1x Locker (locker)A welding torch (Blowtorch)3x Metal Sheets (sheet metal) + 3x Metal bars (metal bar)3
1x Maple Crate (maple box)7x Maple Planks (maple boards) + 3x Maple Sticks (Unicorn sticks)0
Crate 1x Birch (Betula crate)7x Birch Planks (birch boards) + 3x Birch Sticks (birch sticks)0
1x Pine Crate (pine box)7x Pine Planks (pine boards) + 3x Pine Sticks (pine poles)0

Barricades to protect you

1x Maple barricade (Ahornbarrikade)8x Maple Planks (maple boards) + 2x Metal Scrap (metal scrap)
1x Birch barricade (Birkenbarrikade)8x Birch Planks (birch boards) + 2x Metal Scrap (metal scrap)
1x Pine barricade (Kiefernbarrikade)8x Pine Planks (pine boards) + 2x Metal Scrap (metal scrap)
1x Maple Fortification (Ahornverschanzung)4x Maple Planks (maple boards) + 2x Maple sticks (maple sticks)
1x Birch Fortification (Birkenverschanzung)4x Birch Planks (birch boards) + 2x sticks Birch (Betula poles)
1x Pine Fortification (Kiefernverschanzung)4x Pine Planks (pine boards) + 2x Pine Sticks (pine sticks)
1x Maple Door (maple door)5x Maple Planks (maple boards) + 1x Metal Scrap (metal scrap)
Door 1x Birch (Betula door)5x Birch Planks (birch boards) + 1x Metal Scrap (metal scrap)
1x Pine Door (pine door)5x Pine Planks (pine boards) + 1x Metal Scrap (metal scrap)
1x Metal Door (metal door)A welding torch (Blowtorch)2x Metal sheets (sheet metal) + 1x Metal Scrap (metal scrap)
1x Vault Door (safe door)A welding torch (Blowtorch)4x Metal Sheets (sheet metal) + 3x metal bar (metal bar)

Food and healing for what well-being

ResultToolingredientsCrafting Level
1x Grilled Cheese Sandwich (grilled cheese sandwich)Camp Fire (fire)2x Bread (bread) + 1x Cheese (cheese)1
1x Tuna Sandwich (Tuna Sandwich)Camp Fire (fire)2x Bread (bread) + 1x Canned Tuna (canned tuna)1
1x Ham Sandwich (ham sandwich)Camp Fire (fire)2x Bread (bread) + 1x Canned Ham (canned ham) + 1x Cheese (cheese)2
1x BLT sandwich (BLT)Camp Fire (fire)2x Bread (bread) + 1x Lettuce (salad) + 1x Canned Bacon (canned Bacon) + 1x Tomato (tomato)3
1x Cooked Salmon (cooked salmon)Camp Fire (fire)1x Raw Salmon (raw salmon)3
1x Cooked Trout (cooked trout)Camp Fire (fire)1x Raw Trout (crude trout)3
1x Cooked Venison (boiled venison)Camp Fire (fire)1x Raw Venison (crude venison)3
1x Rag (scraps)2x Cloth (clothing)0
1x dressing (dressing material)2x Bandages (bandages)0
1x bandage2x Rags (scraps)0
1x Crushed Amber (mashed berries &# 8211; Amber)2x Amber Berries (amber-colored berries)1
1x Crushed Jade (mashed berries &# 8211; Jade)2x Jade Berries (Jade-colored berries)1
1x Crushed Mauve (mashed berries &# 8211; Mallow)2x Mauve Berries (Mallow colored berries)1
1x Crushed Teal (mashed berries &# 8211; Petrol)2x Teal Berries (Petrol-colored berries)1
1x Crushed Vermillion (mashed berries &# 8211; Vermilion)2x Vermillion Berries (vermilion berries)1
1x crushed Russet (mashed berries &# 8211; Rusty Brown)2x Russet Berries (rust-brown berries)1
1x Crushed Indigo (mashed berries &# 8211; Indigo)2x Indigo Berries (indigo-colored berries)1
1x pin (splint)2x Metal Scrap (metal scrap)1

Crafting for older versions of Unturned

Basic accessories for Unturned

4x boards (Board)-1x log (Log)
1x Brettsäge (handsaw)Saw (handsaw)1x Board (Board)
3x stones (Stone)-1x Rock (Rock)
1x metal piece (Scrap Metal)Fire (Fire)1x Stone (Stone)
2x nails (Nails)-1x metal piece (Scrap Metal)
2x bolt (bolts)Fire (Fire)1x metal piece (Scrap Metal)
3x sticks (stick)-1x Branch (Branch)
1x wood Peer (Wooden spike)Knives (Pocket Knife)2x floor (sticks)
3x wires (wire)Saw (handsaw)1x metal piece (Scrap Metal)
1x fur (Animal Pelt)-1x leather pants (Animal Pants)
3x rope (Rope)Saw (handsaw)1x fabric (Cloth)
3x fertilizers (Fertilizer)1x fabric (Cloth) + 1x rope (rope)

Parts of buildings and other objects of wood and stone

1x wood foundation (Wood Foundation)3x wooden frame (Wooden Frame)
1x wooden wall (Wooden Wall)2x wooden frame (Wooden frame) + 1x wooden pillars (Wooden Pillar)
1x wooden door (Wooden doorway)1x wooden wall (Wooden Wall) + 1x wooden support (Wooden Support)
1x wooden platform (Platform Wooden)3x wooden panels (Wooden Plate) + 1x wooden cross (Wooden Cross)
1x wooden ramp (Wood ramp)1x wooden platform (Wooden Platform) + 2x wood supports (Wooden Support)
1x wooden windows (Wooden Window)1x wooden door (Wooden Doorway) + 1x wooden support (Wooden Support)
1x timber opening (Wooden Hole)1x wooden platform (Platform Wooden) + 1x wooden frame (Wooden frame)
1x wood garage (garage port)1x wooden windows (Wooden Window) + 1x wooden support (Wooden Support)
1x wood garage (Garage Door)2x wood panels (Wooden Shutters) + 2x bolt (bolts)
1 timber support (Wooden Support)2x sticks (stick)
1x wooden board (Wooden Plate)2x Planks (boards)
1x wooden frame (Wooden frame)2x wooden panels (Wooden Plate)
1x wooden cross (Wooden Cross)2x wood supports (Wooden Support)
1x wooden pillars (Wooden Pillar)2x wood supports (Wooden Support) + 1x Board (Board)
1x wooden ladder (Wooden Ladder)9x sticks (stick) + 1x adhesive tape (Duct Tape)
2x wooden posts (Wooden Post)1x wooden pillars (Wooden Pillar)
2x wooden fences (Wooden rampart)1x wooden wall (Wooden Wall)
1x green surface foundation (Greenhouse Foundation)1x wood foundation (Wooden Foundation) + 4x fertilizers (Fertilizer)
1x green space platform (Greenhouse Platform)1x wooden platform (Wooden Platform) + 4x fertilizer (Fertilizier)
2x stone wall (Stone rampart)1x stone wall (Stonewall)
1x stone wall (Stonewall)1x stone frame (Stone frame) + 2x stone pillar (Stone Pillar)
1x stone door (Stone doorway)1x stone wall (Stonewall) + 1x stone support (Stone Support)
1x stone window (Stone Window)1x stone door (Stone Doorway) + 1x stone support (Stone Support)
1x stone pillar (Stone Pillar)2x stone supports (Stone Support) + 1x Board (Board)
2x stone pillars (Stone Post)1x stone pillar (Stone Pillar)
1x stone tablet (Stone Plate)2x stones (Stone)
1x stone support (Stone Support)1x Stone (Stone) + 1x Board (Board)
1x stone frame (Stone frame)2x stone panels (Stone Plate)
1x stone cross (Stone Cross)2x stone assisted (Stone support)
1x metal door (Metal Door)1x wooden door (Wooden Door) + 3x metal pieces (Scrap Metal)

Food and seeds

Foods can you easily crafting you in Unturned. addiction Disinfectant tablets (Water Purification Tablets) and mixes with the drinks that you find in the world. After that, they are safe to eat. venison can you crafting the tool fire to roast meat. Also, get your food when you plant sows and these harvests.

2x seed potatoes (potato Seeds)1x fresh potato (Fresh Potato)
1x seed potatoes (potato seed)1x moldy potato (Moldy potato)
2x carrot seeds (Carrot Seeds)1x fresh carrot (Fresh Carrot)
1x carrot seeds (Carrot Seed)1x moldy carrot (Moldy Carrot)
2x tomato seeds (Tomato Seeds)1x fresh tomato (Fresh Tomato)
1x tomato seeds (Tomato Seed)1x mildew Tomato (Moldy Tomato)
2x cabbage seeds (Cabbage Seeds)1x Fresh cabbage (Cabbage Fresh)
1x cabbage seeds (Cabbage Seed)1x mildew carbon (Moldy Cabbage)
2x cereal seeds (Corn Seeds)1x fresh corn (Fresh Corn)
1x cereal seeds (corn seed)1x moldy grain (Moldy corn)

First aid, if you are injured

1x cloth (Rag)2x lines (Cloth)
1x rail (Splint)1x metal piece (Scrap Metal) + 2x sticks (stick)
1x bandage (Bandage)2x cloth (Rag)
1x bandages (dressing)2x bandage (Bandage)
1x disinfectant tablets (Tablets purifications)1x fertilizers (Fertilizer) + 1x vitamins (vitamin)

Clothing for protection from zombies

1x leather shirt (Animal Shirt)4x fur (Animal Pelt)
1x leather pants (Animal Pants)3x Fur (Animal Pelt) + 1x rope (Rope)
1x leather case (Animal Pack)4x fur (Animal Pelt) + 1x adhesive tape (Duct Tape)
1x mining helmet (Miner Helmet)1x building site helmet (Construction Helmet) + 1x flashlight (Torch)

Fences, decorative and shelves

Do you see a * behind an item, you can only crafting when you your technical skills at Level 2 have expanded (Craftsman Level 2).

1x wooden sign (Wooden Shield)3x boards (Board) + 1x Nagel (Nails)
1x wooden door (Wooden Door)1x wooden frame (Wooden frame) + 1x bolt (bolts)
1x Krähenfuß (Caltrop)2x nails (Nails)
1x barbed (Barbed Wire)2x wires (wire)
1x wire fence (Wire Fence)2x wood supports (Wooden Support) + 3x barbed wire (barbed wire)
1 wooden panel (Wooden shutter) *1x wooden door (Wooden Door) + 1x bolt (bolts)
1x torches (Torch)2x sticks (stick) + 2x bolt (bolts)
1x metal shield (Metal Shield)4x metal pieces (Scrap Metal) + 2x bolt (bolts)
1x electric fence (Electric Fence)1x barbed wire fence (Wire Fence) + 4x metal pieces (Scrap Metal)
1x wooden box (Crate)2x wooden frame (Wooden Frame) + 3x wooden crosses (Wooden Cross)
1x Safe (metal locker) *1x wooden box (Crate) + 3x metal pieces (Scrap Metal)
1x Holztruhe (Chest)1x wooden box (Crate) + 3x wooden crosses (Wooden Cross)

Survival and weapon accessories for defense

1x sleeping bag (Sleeping bag)-7x Linen (Cloth) + 2x tapes (Duct Tape)
1x cot (COT)-8x Linen (Cloth) + 5x metal pieces (Scrap Metal)
1x fire (Fire Camp)-4x sticks (stick) + 4x stones (Stone)
1x box (Can)Sledgehammer (Sledge Hammer)2x metal pieces (Scrap Metal)
1x flask (Canteen)-1x box (Can) + 1x bottle of water (Bottled Water)
1x Hand lamp (Handlamp)-1x battery (Batteries) + 2x metal pieces (Scrap Metal)
1x long arc (Longbow)-3x wooden frame (Wooden Support) + 2x rope (Rope)
1x jack (Car Jack)-1x sledgehammer (Sledge Hammer) + 4x metal pieces (Scrap Metal)
2x tapes (Duct Tape)-1x Fur (Animal Pelt) + 1x socket (Can)
1x Tactical lamp (Tactical light)-1x flashlight (Handlamp) + 2x tapes (Duct Tape)
1 muffler (Muffler)Fire (Fire)2x Coke (Canned Cola) + 2x doses (Can)
1x reflex sight (Zoomomatic)-1x Binocular (Binoculars) + 2x tapes (Duct Tape)

Ammunition for your weapons

1x full PDW Magazine2x bullets (Military Bullets) + 1x PDW magazine
1x full NATO Magazine2x bullets (Military Bullets) + 1x magazine NATO
1x full NATO drum magazine4x bullets (Military Bullets) + 1x NATO drum magazine
1x full pistol magazine (Swift Magazine)1x bullets (Civilian Bullets) + 1x pistol magazine (Swift Magazine)
1x full Bonjour clip1x pistol bullets (Civilian Bullets) + 1 Bonjour clip
1x full Lebel Magazine1x pistol bullets (Civilian Bullets) + 1 Lebel magazine
1x full NATO tracer magazine2x light bullet balls + 1x NATO tracer magazine
1 Savage full magazine2x pistol bullets (Civilian Bullets) + 1x Savage magazine
1x full Savage Drum4x pistol bullets (Civilian Bullets) + 1x Savage Drum
1x full clip Winchester1x bullets (Civilian Bullets) + 1x Winchester clip
1x full Lapua Magazine1x bullets (Military Bullets) + 1x Lapua's magazine
1x full Lapua tracer magazine1x light bullet ball + 1x Lapua tracer magazine
1x full Yuri Magazine2x pistol bullets (Civilian Bullets) + 1x Yuri magazine
1x full Xtrmin Magazine1x pistol bullets (Civilian Bullets) + 1x Xtrmin magazine
3x arrows (Arrow)1x sticks (stick) + 1x Nagel (Nails)
6x shot1x sleeve (shells) + 2x nails (Nails)
6x Slugkugeln1x sleeves + 2x thorns

Traps and explosives against zombies

To crafting explosives, you have to your skilled craftsmanship bring to level the second However, this does not apply to traps.

1x spear trap (Trap Wooden Spike)4x wood spears (Wooden spike)
1x snare1x box (Can) + 2x metal pieces (Scrap Metal)
1x electric fence (Electric Trap)3x metal pieces (Scrap Metal) + 2x wires (wire)
1x MOAB3x pure black powder (Raw Explosives) + 2x tapes (Duct Tape)
1x Tretmine (Trip mine)2x pure black powder (Raw Explosives) + 4x wires (wire)
1x landmine (landmine)2x pure black powder (Raw Exlposives) + 1x socket (Can)
1x hand grenade (Frag Grenade)3x Nails (Nails) + 1x pure black powder (Raw Explosives)
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