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Text adventures: The 5 best Twine adventure for bookworms

Victoria Scholz
on 22/06/2016 at 15:03

Text-based games date back to a time without resolution in 4K, elaborate textures and special effects. Over time, as the graphics of modern computer games has been modernized, text adventures fell into oblivion. However, the text-based games also have their appeal. In this gallery you will find five brilliant text adventures that have been developed with the free program Twine and generate adventure in mind.

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If you look at the current Top 10 best-selling video games, a sumptuous graphics action game chasing the next. In between, however, there are outliers that in Retro style were developed. In addition to the hype by 8-bit graphics for some time also make more games from our past talked about. Text-based games create adventures in our head. They bring us not only laugh but can also draw attention to serious issues. We show you in this gallery, the best 5 text adventures that were created with Twine. Click through easy!

Text-based adventure: What are text adventures?

Before high-resolution graphics were on the agenda when it comes to video games, there were text-based games, which our imagination stimulated. So we had to consider what step we wanted to go next, and the developers had to plan in advance and each of these operations. The free program Twine wants to bring back this time and give us a tool to the hand with which everyone can be a designer.

create yourself a text adventure? So you typed faster!

Text-based games are often the genre &Interactive Fiction; # 8220&# 8221; assigned. You have to get creative with text adventures &# 8211; and of course, read a lot. The stories are not only much humor peppered; some of them even speak on serious issues. We have you picked out five of these text-based adventures that have arisen with the free tool Twine.

Course other programs, with which you can be creative. For German text adventures we can recommend the website ifwizz. Here you can download you free text adventures. In addition, the makers behind praise ifwizz annual IF Grand Prix from, you can submit it to whom you also your own adventures. The text quests can be either directly in the browser play or free download.

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