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The Parted Magic Download gives you a comprehensive hard disk tool among others for the Partition Management, which runs from a live CD or USB stick.

Note: the download button you can find the last free, but now somewhat dated issue; the current version of Parted Magic is not free and can be purchased under previous link from the manufacturer.

With that in Parted Magic Download Partition Manager included can change their partitions your hard drive in size, copy and move. You can share your "C: drive" zoom in or out, make room for other operating systems and recover data from lost partitions. In addition, it allows you the Parted Magic Download to clone an entire hard drive or a single partition. The cloned data can be saved as an image file or as a duplicate. They can then be saved to a local drive, an SSH server, Samba server or a network resource. Henceforth, the cloned file can be used to restore the original.

Parted Magic

Parted Magic Download: tools for data recovery, data erasure and benchmarks

The Parte Magic download can also be used to reset or easily change Windows passwords, recover lost files and save files from disks with read errors. Conversely, the program also provides the ability to securely delete files from a disk. Also available disk space can be overridden by Parted Magic. In addition, the program includes the benchmark tools Bonnie ++, IOzone, HARDiNFO, System Stability Tester, mprime and stress.

Instructions on how to install Parted Magic CD or USB stick found at the link preceded by the manufacturer.

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  • Extensive Disk Tool


  • For beginners rather unsuitable

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