Bubble Witch Saga 3: Tips and Tricks for Android and iOS

Bubble Witch Saga 3 the popular mobile game goes to the next round. As little witch you have this time a little friend on board to help you with a particular force. Do you need more help for Bubble Witch Saga 3? Then you read the following guide through with useful tips and tricks.

In 2014, the saga began at the little red-haired witch with Bubble Witch Saga, the destroy bubbles and save their friends got to. In 2017, the app goes into the third round and extends the gameplay to numerous other features. In this article, Bubble Witch Saga 3 we tell you the new features and also give newcomers to the bubble extravaganza useful tips and tricks to burst all bubbles.


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Bubble Witch Saga 3: Nero's power and new modes

Who is already a fan of Bubble Witch Saga series, is familiar with the basic mechanics. Your goal is to destroy all the bubbles &# 8211; that happens whenever you stringing together three same-colored bubbles. By the third part of the saga you can destroy unnecessary bubbles. In Level 6 gets to know her Neros force. This special Orb fills up when their bladders destroyed or fall down some. Optional but you can also tap Nero to make the selected bladder contributes to the filling of the orbs.

Bubble Witch Saga 3 for Android

Bubble Witch Saga 3 for iOS

Another new feature are the Spirit Level. They are among the modes, which you can play three in Saga Bubble Witch. Depending on the level another mode is off. you do not like one of them, you can unfortunately a level Do not skip. You must meet the requirements yet and complete the level. Consider that you 5 lives have. not met their requirements, you lose one. Every 30 minutes gets her given back a life. These are the modes:

  • Owls rid: Free the owl and collect them all. Top right you can see the number of owls must free her. Shooting a same color bubble on the bubble of the owl, so that they burst. Requirement: Collect all the owls one.

Free the owl and completes the level.

Free the owl and completes the level.

  • Spirit help: Around the bubbles are ghosts. Shoots into small streets and opens their narrow paths. The goal is to lead them to the top in order to be freed. Requirement: Frees all spirits by you open them ways. You do not have clear all the bubbles.
  • Defeat Boss: Wilbur is the boss in Bubble Witch Saga 3 and bullied the world of Stella. Care of their health bar. He will always be new bubbles appear. In these fairies are trapped. Freed them so they attack Wilbur and empty the green. Requirement: Defeat Wilbur, the boss.
  • Bubbles clear: Pay attention to the numbers in the upper right corner and clears the number of bubbles. Requirement: Let the required number of bubbles burst.

The little witch has in Bubble Witch Saga 3 her boyfriend Nero aside.

The little witch has in Bubble Witch Saga 3 her boyfriend Nero aside.

For more tips and tricks for Bubble Witch Saga 3

Within the first level you are the basic mechanics taught the game. So here fits well and it exerts. It runs no time, which is why her superior in each train should. Check out all existing bubbles and weighs which want to shatter her. Are only a few bubbles on the field, you should you the Blow, the you can fire, See exactly. They may change color &# 8211; so you can help the game and gives you the color that you need in order to complete the level.

Pays attention particularly to the Connecting lines, showing you where the bubble will land. Another important tip: Severs the connections. Thus shoots bubbles on the narrow lanes to let fall large bubble clouds. They give you points as soon as they fall to the ground.

Explosive bubbles not only solve chain reactions, but also give you 100 points when they fall off and not be destroyed.

Explosive bubbles not only solve chain reactions, but also give you 100 points when they fall off and not be destroyed.

and always pays attention to the number at the bottom of the screen. It shows you how many bubbles are still slide down so that you may be able to fire. Have you cleared all the bubbles and a few bubbles to shoot left, they turn into points. So you are the 3-star rating closer. explosive bubbles should you also can drop by shooting down their narrow paths. They end up on the floor, you will receive as much as 100 instead of 50 points.

Did not you get 3 stars in each level, you should again play. With every star you get Stardust, with her enhance home of Stella can. With some objects get their strong bonuses and rewards. With Level 20 turned her daily tasks free. As a reward you will receive stardust also here to buy more decorations for your home. Every 4 hours get her a new daily quest that brings you more stardust.

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