JBG 3: When is the release?

&# 8220; Jung, brutal, handsome 2&# 8243; (JBG 2) was published on 08 February 2013 Self Made Records and was a huge success: the collabo album the rapper Farid Bang Kollegah already landed in the first week at number one. Since then, the cry is great for a sequel. We ask at this point, when it is finally going to appear.

As the boss of all bosses would say: All this shattering album Milf Bangers Farid and sole Weltmonarchens Kollegah will come. That's for sure. Both have expressed their interest and desire separately on a third part of the JBG series. When the fans are happy, but with the third part about it is silent - or keeps it all very vague.


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Jung, brutal, handsome 3 coming in 2017

Four years ago JBG two and four years asking fans after the third part. During the promotional interviews for the second part of Kolle and bangers were asked on the possibility of a third album and have ruled out nothing. Speculation and conjecture about the start of work on JBG 3, there were over the years a lot and the two do not have it can be assumed to play with allusions to the hopes of the fans.

# JBG3

A Farid Hamed El Abdellaoui (@faridbangbang) gepostetes photo on 7 January 2017 at 13:02

For a long time it was said that the third part will appear 2016th As 2016 drew to a close and still nothing was there, it was said that in 2017 it is now but definitely. And this is actually very likely. The end of 2016 said in an interview Kollegah (minute 1:30 and 8:50) that JBG will appear 3 2017th When exactly: in the foreseeable future. Spring is unlikely. Summer and autumn comes it earlier in question.

In addition, he has announced that JBGs 3 will be a mixture of LBG and LBG. 2 Two sessions and exchange of views on the basic construct of JBG 3 is said to have already given. As proof there is an Instagram post that should not be taken too seriously (keyword guitar):

Work on JBG3 are in full swing

A Kollegah (@kollegahderbossofficial) gepostetes photo on February 5, 2017 at 12:30

To content JBG 3 can and must actually be spoken. Farid will probably again have fun with the one or the other parent of a German rap artists and the odd Diss will destroy careers in Double Time speed. Until recently, it was firmly assume that the Berlin rapper Fler will be among the elect. Almost a decade, the two one of the finest beef delivered. On June 9, Fler and Farid posteten a kind of reconciliation image on their respective Instagram profiles. In an interview with Rooz of Hiphop.de from 06/11/2017 Fler confirmed then that peace be between the two. Thus Fler on JBG3 is probably no longer an issue:

Ramadan is genuine A beautiful month with incredible &Zufällen; # 34&# 34;

A contribution shared by Farid Hamed El Abdellaoui (@faridbangbang) on ​​June 8, 2017 at 18:13

On what Laban the third part of JBG series appears, is also still missing. The last two parts have appeared on self-made, but now you also have Banger music and Alphamusic for election.

Jung, brutal, handsome: A glorious success story

Was published in 2009. Jung, brutal, handsome and was quite O.K. of the sales figures but it established a legend. For the fans, the album fared extremely well. Annoyed by the constant requests for the release date of JBG 2, Kollegah and Farid Bang 2013 releasten a second part as the first part was as "anti-social", but gave a humor-esque paint the whole. And that was still a lot better: With more than 80,000 units sold, the collabo album debuted at No. 1 on the charts. In March 2013 it even got gold status and was nominated for the Echo in the category artists / artist / group Hip Hop / Urban nominated. Just as JBG JBG 1 2012 has been indexed on Jan. 2, 2014 by the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons.

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