Just Cause 3: All Achievements and Trophies – Tips and guide to 100%

Are you ready for the Caribbean holiday with a different variety? In Just Cause 3 her moves as a one-man army from once again to rid the island paradise Medici from tyranny. There are plenty to do and earn a lot of achievements and trophies. We give you an overview of all achievements in open-world adventure.

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On December 1, will Just Cause 3 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and brings you some sun during the cold winter days on the screen. Here, the occupied Medici is replete with tasks for its completion are numerous Achievements rains. We show you all Achievements and Trophies in the overview. In our impression Just Cause 3 you can see by the way, what awaits you in the action game.


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Just Cause 3: all achievements and trophies Overview

A total of 47 Achievements (48 Trophies on the PS4) there to grab the open-world banging. There are some successes for conquering individual provinces or if it wreaks as much chaos. To really get each achievement, you have the game Completing 100%. The following Table with all successes and their activation conditions help you in this.

Attention! For spoiler reasons, we have listed the secret achievements and trophies in a separate table below.

king-of-medicalKing of Medici-platinum
Obtain all other trophies of Just Cause. 3
no-ballsWithout bullets!gamer core 20bronze
Chaos destroys all objects of a military base without using guns, grenades and explosives.
rocket Manrocket Mangamer core 20bronze
Combines an opponent with a downed gas tank. Adeo, amico!
this-should-a-western-beThis should be a Westerngamer core 20bronze
Chaos destroys all objects of a city or base of your vehicle.
Get outGet out!gamer core 20bronze
Fixed a booster explosive device at an enemy soldier and let him fly!
old-angeberAge informergamer core 10bronze
Beat in a challenge to score another player.
objekthaschereiObjekthaschereigamer core 10bronze
Collects in a challenge at least three gears.
object artistobject artistgamer core 15bronze
Collects in a challenging five gears.
object of desireobject of desiregamer core 20bronze
Collects in a challenge of each type at least 3 gears.
object-marathonobject Marathongamerscore-40silver
Accumulated in each challenge 5 gears.
my-name-is-os-cha-osMy name is Os&# 8230; Cha Osgamer core 10bronze
Causes Chaos in 1000.
chaos-is-my-second-first nameChaos is my second first namegamerscore-30silver
Causes Chaos 100,000.
king-chaosKing chaosgamer core 45gold
Causes 1,000,000 chaos.
earth-wind-and-seaEarth, Wind and seagamerscore-25bronze
Unlocks the Rebel drop for at least 1 land vehicle, aircraft 1 and 1 watercraft.
all-baggedAll baggedgamerscore-35asilver
By her bringing collects all the available vehicles in Marios rebels garages.
tomb RaiderTomb Raidergamer core 15bronze
Proves all ancient tombs your respect.
remember-to-the-fallenMemory of the fallengamer core 20bronze
Ignites at each rebels shrine a candle.
diary-of-errDiary of a madmangamer core 20bronze
Collect all of di Ravello bands.
old-fashioned coolold-fashioned coolgamer core 20bronze
Finds all classic weapons and vehicle parts.
reckless-devil guyReckless hotshotgamer core 20bronze
Graduated with a land vehicle all the daredevil jumps in Medici.
Finds all scattered in Medici collectibles.
roof of the worldroof of the worldgamer core 20bronze
Stands on the highest point of Medici.
everything-you-canAll you cangamer core 15bronze
Beat a benefit to which you have been challenged.
performance fetishpower Fetishgamer core 20bronze
Shows all services.
vive-le-revolutionVive le Revolutiongamer core 15bronze
Exempt a province.
take-it-your-pipeline-freaksTake that, its pipeline freaksgamer core 10bronze
Disables HSW Insula Fonte.
devil dozendevil dozengamer core 20bronze
Freed 13 settlements.
Freed Insula Dracon complete.
the-hope-springs eternal-Hope dies lastgamerscore-30silver
Freed Insula Fonte complete.
heart of stoneheart of stonegamerscore-30silver
Freed Insula striate complete.
armed-and-loadedUnlocked and loadedgamerscore-40silver
Unlocks all weapons and vehicles of the rebels drop-down menus.
the-winner-deserve-the-bootyTo the victor belongs the spoilsgamer core 50gold
100% Just Cause. 3
versuchs-butattempt&# 8217; s yetgamer core 10bronze
Asks another player out to a performance.
forgive-me-my-faultForgive my innocencegamer core 10bronze
Finds refuge in a church to reset Alert. 5
mod-beginnersMOD beginnersgamer core 10bronze
Turns your first Equipment MOD-free and enables.
mod-specialistMOD specialistgamer core 20bronze
Switches all Equipment MODs free one category.
mod-bastlerMOD hobbyistsgamerscore-35asilver
Activates all Equipment MODs at least 1 minute.
first encounterFirst encountergamer core 10bronze
Concludes an encounter.
offer-and demandsupply and demandgamer core 15bronze
Unlocks 10 supply points by completing their encounters.
three-holy-hidingThree holy Hidegamer core 15bronze
Turns 3 Alert lowering free priests, by completing their encounters.

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Secret Achievements and trophies

welcome homeWelcome homegamer core 10bronze
Champion t-mission story that &# 8220; Welcome home&# 8221 ;.
what-for-a-disasterWhat a disastergamer core 15bronze
Champion t-mission story that &# 8220; An awful reaction&# 8221 ;.
the-power-of-bavariumsThe power of Bavariumsgamer core 15bronze
Champion t-mission story that &# 8220; A long and dangerous road&# 8221 ;.
this-mines-are-really-crassThese mines are really crudegamer core 15bronze
Master the Mission Story &# 8220; The Great Escape&# 8221 ;.
fuck-you-rocketF #!& YOU, ROCKETgamer core 20bronze
Champion t-mission story that &# 8220; missile Cowboy&# 8221 ;.
last-in-the-offensiveFinally in the offensivegamer core 20bronze
Champion t-mission story that &# 8220; entanglements in blue&# 8221 ;.
error-and-triumpheMistakes and triumphsgamer core 20bronze
Champion t-mission story that &# 8220; The Destroyer of Worlds&# 8221 ;.
son-of-medicalSon of Medicigamerscore-30silver
Champion t-mission story that &# 8220; son of Medici&# 8221 ;.

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