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With Unlocker you can download files and folders and then delete them if they are locked by Windows.

If you want to delete a file or folder in Windows, you get sometimes the message deletion is not possible, and a concise statement of the reasons for this. This can have various causes, that you can not delete a file or folder in Windows. For example, it may be because that the item to be deleted is in use by another program or by another user, or simply access was denied. While in some cases the problem can be solved quite easily (it includes, for example, just the program that still used the item to be deleted) may, at times quite persistently refuse files and folders in other cases the deletion. designed exactly for these cases is the free Unlocker download.

unlock with Unlocker processes

Unlocker download: Delete stubborn files

The freeware Unlocker is able to remove any file from your hard drive, even if it is not clear with Windows-board resources. In order to perform the deletion of files with Unlocker download, the program immediately after installation and the start of a search available through which you can select files that you want to delete, then one on &# 8220; OK&# 8221; goes. The program shows in the case, which prevent one or more processes to delete the item, a window where you can lock with the &# 8220; Unlock All&# 8221; can pick up. Then the action to perform Unlocker is selecting. Apart from deleting the file or folder, it can stand up to even rename or move.

Unlocker can also be conveniently launched from the context menu

Alternatively, files and folders can be deleted with Unlocker download, by performing a right-click on that item and then opening the context menu &Unlocker; # 8220&# 8221; selects. Then, the above-mentioned reappears Dialog, where you can unlock the file or folder, and then select the action that Unlocker should perform.

Other interesting tools for Windows be found in the Security category, including programs to delete files without the possibility of recovery, as NoSpy Delete Manager.

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