Connect TV to the WLAN / Internet – how it works

To use your smart TV correctly, you must first connect the TV via WLAN to the Internet. Wired, ie via LAN that's even possible, but via wireless connection, it is much more convenient. We show you how you can connect the TV to the wireless network quickly and easily.


Setting up a connection to the Internet: Samsung Smart TV

Smart TVs are becoming increasingly popular - the multimedia all-rounder have become quite affordable and offer a variety of features that you will not want to miss some time. This requires, however, by first connecting the TV to the home Internet connection. Most comfortable running over wireless Wi-Fi connection - but you have to first of all find the appropriate settings on the TV. We help you in this guide and lead you step by step through the setup.

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Connect TV with Wi-Fi - Conditions

Depending on the TV model has her to set up the wireless connection is slightly different. Most often you will find the appropriate option in the settings or in a special setup menu. In the popular smart TVs Sony Bravia series *Connect TV to the WLAN / Internet - how it works you have to first example Change the Home button on the remote control to the main menu and then to the settings by scrolling. Here you will find then the option to initiate the wireless connection.

Checks and in any event before, if the TV is at all WLAN-capable. In most modern smart TVs that is the case - you will find the appropriate information in the operating instructions of your TV.

Connect TV via WLAN to the Internet - important&# 8217; s

Did you find the settings menu for the WLAN, you can connect the TV to the Internet. Provides advance but make sure your wireless connection is active and the signal is strong enough. As a rule, you have the choice, if you start an automatic search run or want to set connection manually.

For simplicity, you should first start the automatic search run. If this leads to no result, you must manually enter the data for your WLAN. The required information such as the WLAN password be found generally in the letter which you have sent in your order your Internet provider or on the back of the router. Exception: You have changed the password.

Smart TV WLAN connectors Product Image

Without Wi-Fi or Internet connection you can use only a fraction of the features of modern TVs. Source: Amazon / Samsung

Here all the steps that have to carry her to set up the wireless network:

  1. Selects the WLAN, want to connect their TVs to the (manual or automatic).
  2. then give the required access codes and passwords or PINs.
  3. If your router supports WPS, you can also on TV after the wireless search and meanwhile press the WPS button on your router - the connection then takes place automatically via the router.
  4. If you want to connect the TV not via a router, but directly with the wireless network, you must instead enter your wireless password and possibly a PIN on the TV.
  5. Then you have the data again confirm - the smart TV then connects via WLAN to the Internet and can be accessed.

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Wi-Fi connection is not possible on Smart TV: So solves their problems

If you have problems and you can not connect via WLAN to the Internet, you should try these solutions:

  • Checked that your wireless connection is really active &# 8211; where appropriate, there are general problems with the WiFi, which prevent you can connect you.
  • To check whether there is an Internet connection is available, you can also connect via LAN to the network the TV.
  • The process is basically the same, except that you need for connecting a cable.
  • Very often it is enough to start the smart TV New, and then to try again with the Wi-Fi connection.
  • also ensures that you have entered the correct wireless password.
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