Samsung Galaxy S5: The most common problems and solutions

Samsung Galaxy S5 Problem 2: Waterproof is not the same water resistant

The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes hand in hand with some water resistance. &# 8220; Certainly&# 8221; because it is via a water depth of one meter for about 30 minutes, but it can still receive damage. So some protection is guaranteed if the phone while peeing you fall into the toilet (who sits down, this case bypasses course) and also survived a jump into the cool water with the smartphone in swimming trunks.


Samsung Galaxy S5: Water Test

Solution: Is your S5 actually become even wetter than a few splashes of water, you should phone once not turn. Instead, open the device and dabs it as gently as possible with a dry towel. It then sets a few hours in enough rice one which removes the moisture from the parts (really works). 24 hours should you the phone let it dry in peace.

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Samsung Galaxy S5: Images of high-end smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S5 Problem 3: Common Lags

Report forum users increasingly lags the Galaxy S5 as compared to other devices from competitors. The culprit is almost certainly Samsung's TouchWiz, which performs the loading and closing of apps with some delay. Even unlocking the response to the home button and possibly the typing of texts may be associated with delays.

Solution: To get around lags and delays around the TouchWiz on Samsung Galaxy S5, you can try the following tips:

  1. Try an alternative launcher. Kamal has written a special on 11 Launcher for Android, which you can see in your new favorite:

  2. Turns the animations
    1. Hold for longer on a free area on the home screen pressed
    2. Climb to the Home Screen settings
    3. Selected in Transition Effect > no out
    4. Make your way even now in the settings > lock screen > Unlocking effect and also selects here no out
  3. Disabled S Voice to narrow the lag for the home button
    1. Double Click for this on the home button or selects S Voice via the Apps
    2. Climb to the settings and disables About Home button open
  4. Furthermore, you can also uninstall pre-installed bloatware
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