Final Fantasy XV: multiplayer DLC postponed

Actually a large DLC for Final Fantasy XV should be released this month. The role play should thus be extended to include a cooperative multiplayer mode. But fans of the series who have already planned first adventure with their friends, now have to dress warmly.

Episode Prompto adds even more story for FFXV: 


FINAL FANTASY XV - Episode Prompto Trailer

Final Fantasy XV gets more and more content. This is despite the RPG would actually only big enough. But the various episodes of the individual characters bring more hours of play for the buyers of the DLCs. A special additional content should actually on October 31 with the DLC &# 8220; Comrades&# 8221; appear. This brings a co-op with them in which you can go on adventures with other players in Final Fantasy XV.

FFXV for Nintendo switch?

But the developers of Final Fantasy XV have towards Gematsu now announced that the multiplayer DLC will move. He currently is accordingly still in a state final adjustments have to be made in the order to maintain the quality of the main game and the other DLCs continue. But one small catch there: so far have not given a new release date for the DLC Final Fantasy XV developers.

Impressions FFXV:

Gallery final fantasy xv

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The extension was until recently in a beta phase. The feedback from testers has apparently led to the displacement. The Comrades DLC Final Fantasy XV plays amid the main story. In it you can create you own character and go on quests in the game world with friends. The additional content will be sold as part of the Season Pass, also sold separately.

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