Doom: Editions and pre-order bonuses detailed

Fans of the horror series Doom it can no longer expect: On May 13, the successor to the classic title Doom appears. In order to shorten the waiting time until the middle of May, we give you in this article an overview of all editions and pre-order bonuses from Doom. 

fights as single player against creepy demon hordes, with your friends in tournaments or your own building content with the game editor called Doom SnapMap. In the newly launched general horror classic Doom you have the choice and endless possibilities. Do you want another content and exclusive collectibles around the horror Empire, you should take a look at the following Doom editions and pre-order bonuses.

This Doom trailer shows you the single-player campaign:


Doom - Trailer Campaign

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Doom &# 8211; Editions and pre-order bonuses: They include

The new Doom (2016) comes up with a single player campaign in which you can not even breathe. Look forward to well-known and new Weapons. Also, again faster Arena Battle Mode be available for several players, in which you can find power-ups that you as demon let them fight.

Doom here in the Day One and Collectors Edition Pre-order

This Doom editions can you acquire

This Doom editions can you acquire

Overall, you can three different editions get from doom:

  • Day One Edition
  • Collectors Edition
  • Xbox One bonus

Tips and Tricks for Doom

Doom will be released for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you opt for the console version of Xbox, you expect even three games. What all these Packages include, we tell you below.

Doom Edition 1: Day One Edition

Examined her with platforms such as Amazon or Steam for Doom, you will be already stumbled on this edition surely. The Day One Edition reward you with additional content. You can do this Edition only Pre-order. The following content you will find in the Day One Edition:

  • exclusive, Individualized Demon Armor
  • six different special paint finishes and three id logos for your armor and weapons
  • Hacking six modules for improvements in multiplayer

The hacking modules switch you free temporary improvements for the multiplayer mode. This particular edition is available for consoles, but also for the PC.

Doom Edition 2: Collectors Edition

The Collectors Edition Doom is merely from 18 years available. Ordered her, for example, on Amazon, you must remember that you have to be there in person as the recipient to accept the package. If the edition at a post office, you may need your passport.

That's in everything in the Collector's Edition of Doom

That's in everything in the Collector's Edition of Doom

Did you decide for the Collectors Edition, will receive the following additional content:

  • Luxury Steel Case
  • Statue of Revenant

The statue is about 30 centimeters high and is on a luminous LED foot which includes a slowly rotating turbine. The Collectors Edition is strictly limited and only at selected dealers.

Doom 3 Edition: Xbox One bonus and PS4 Extra

This is an action that appeared briefly in the Australian Xbox Store and has not yet been officially confirmed at this time of Bethesda.

you interested in you for the Xbox One version, can possibly get their next Doom two other games. It is the predecessor Doom 1 and Doom 2, her to get free. They should already be Xbox One-compatible. This promotion is exclusively for preorder. In addition, you get the Season Pass.

PlayStation 4-Owners also receive incidentally the Season Pass when they pre-Doom in the PS Store.

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