Hide Facebook Photos: Setting who can see what

If only certain people should see your photos on Facebook, can you hide your photos posted on Facebook and determine exactly who has access to the images and who is not. How this works, we will tell you the following guide.

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Not everyone must be able to see all the pictures on your Facebook account equal. The images of the past (something escalated) Party or the grandmother's 80th birthday may be of interest to a specific group of Facebook friends, but should not be viewed by anyone, maybe. In this case, to upload your photos to hide from certain people.

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Hide Facebook photos - Here&# 8217; s

The easiest way to take pictures only different groups of people available to, goes beyond the Albums feature of Facebook. In photo albums you can adjust namely, who has the permission to do this and to view the photos it contains.

So you can, for example, for different events create individual photo albums and adjust their privacy settings. Alternatively, you can of course also create a photo album for each group of people (family, friends, work colleagues, etc.) that you want to address and the new photos repeatedly upload or move it to the appropriate album.

To create a photo album and adjust privacy settings, you proceed as follows:

  1. Make your way to your own Facebook profile and click on the Photos tab.
    Facebook profile photos
  2. Click on the Reiter Alben, then click the Album button + Add (top right).
    Facebook Photos conceal Add Album
  3. now selects the images that want to upload it.
  4. In the album menu it then finds the bottom right the privacy settings for the album. Here you can default between Public, Friends, Only Me, select Close friends, family and people from a particular environment.
    Hide Facebook Photos to see the
  5. Under the Custom option, you can select individuals from your friends list are allowed to see the album or reversed which people may not see it.
    Facebook Photos hide individual privacy

Of course you can already provided existing albums with the various privacy settings. For this, simply you click in the Albums view on the appropriate icon (bottom right) of the album and select the desired option.

Facebook Photos Hide Existing Album

Move old photos from Facebook into albums

You can move your already uploaded photos in the angelgten of you albums. To move a photo to another album, it goes as follows:

  1. Just go for it in the photo library of your Facebook profile.
  2. Click on the pencil icon (top right) from the corresponding photo.
  3. now selects another album from dragging.
    Move Facebook photo to another album
  4. Then you choose the appropriate album from the drop-down menu and besätigt the selection by clicking on the button to move photo.
    Select Facebook Album

your profile photos and cover images of this method are excluded. If you want that other people can not look at the old profile or cover images, you have this deletion. How this works, we explain the following article: Facebook: delete photos &# 8211; so goes&# 8217; s. You turn your photos you want to share via the smartphone and manage, you should take a look at the app Facebook Moments throw.

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