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Of course, there is the free open source media player VLC for the Mac. And here he can (almost) play all kinds of audio and video formats.

Whether MP3, MP4, FLAC, OGG or AVI ?? VLC (VideoLAN Client) eats almost everything he is accused of video or audio files! Besides normal files the player can open many Internet streams easily and play.

VLC Media Player: compulsory program on the Mac

This and the ease of use and availability on all major platforms make the program one of the most popular applications at all. Therefore, the application should not be missing on any Mac.


VLC is available for both Intel and PowerPC Macs. Moreover, even for older versions of OS X versions, such as Mac OS X are available on the website of the project 10.4.7 (Tiger) for download.

With the help of an iOS app the application on the Mac even from a distance can be controlled. What more do you want?

Starting with version 2.0 of VLC Media Player can also read Blu-ray discs.

For Windows users there is VLC media player for Windows.

Gallery VLC Media Player for Mac

  • (Figure 2.1):
    play with-the-VLC-media-player-for-mac-music-

  • (Figure 2.2):
    Play for With VLC Media Player Mac Music - VLC Media Player for Mac Music

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