Windows 10 icons: New icons of Microsoft

The new icons of Windows 10 have initially angered some users. Microsoft has revised the 10 icons of Windows now and provides a more appealing option. Here you can see a before and after comparison of the icons. Those who want to install 10 Icon Pack for Windows 7 or 8, the new icons as Windows.


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The Windows 10 icons of the first builds were sometimes referred to as &# 8220; ugly&# 8221 ;, &# 8220; Windows 3.1 style&# 8221; and as &# 8220; bad design&# 8221; designated. According to Neowin, Microsoft has reportedly later even extra launched a survey on the icons to know for sure how users are to do so. but the survey was not public. The new builds Microsoft has replaced the icons.

Windows 10 icons: Comparison before and after

The Windows 10 icons as they looked at first.

The Windows 10 icons as they looked at first. (Windows 10 build 9926)

The original Windows 10 icons are dominated by a rather distinctive yellow folder icons. Also, however, the folder My Documents are very flat while the drive icons look very three-dimensional. Overall, the symbols so do not really fit together. Meanwhile, the Windows 10 icons are significantly revised. In Windows 10 build 10130 they are as follows:

The icons as the Windows 10 build 10130 look like.

The icons as the Windows 10 build 10130 look like.

The yellow of the folder icons is now less deep yellow and reminiscent of the yellow tone of earlier icons from Windows 7 and Windows 8. The flat design wanted to take Microsoft on. The earlier three-dimensional drive icons, the Group has revised and significantly flatter design.

Striking: In the left navigation bar, there is no folder icon takes longer for the small Windows icons as was the case with the older icons. However, this change affects more as if they are different elements, although it once is only the large and even the small exhibition of the same icons.

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Windows 10: Icon Pack Download

Who wants to stay with Windows 7 or Windows 8 rather only once, can use the new Windows 10 icons anyway. Installed you for it just the Windows 10 Skin Pack.

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