Football Manager 2014 draws the ire of football fans on itself (update)

EA Sports is known to equip games series regularly with new features. Even the football manager in 2014, in contrast to its predecessor on an almost unbelievable number of new features and games that make a new game feeling arise. We show you everything that makes the new football manager, 2014.

Football Manager 2014 draws the ire of football fans on itself (update)

Unfortunately, EA Sports has really made this year not to include additional features in the latest Manager offshoot. Therefore, a list of new features does not make sense at this point. There is a funny soccer video.

Just a few days after the release can be found at online retailers Amazon countless disappointed football fans that their displeasure with the Football Manager 2014 *Football Manager 2014 draws the ire of football fans on itself (update) express.

Football Manager 2014: A squad update at full price

Already in the previous season, the latest offshoot of the football manager series offered only one or two sporadic improvement. With Football Manager 2014 Legacy Edition have managed only a few new texts, interview questions and descriptions in the game. The only reason to buy real football fans are likely to be the updated data. As for the FM 2014 licenses, however, comes the next outrage for any hobby Sammer and wannabe Magath: The licenses for the third league and regional leagues in Germany were canceled!

Even in our GIGA News of 26 October, so last Saturday, we respond to the new manager.


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Football Manager 2014: Less is not more

As has been the early kick-off two days known, a hardworking community will certainly find that the season 2013/14 data can also cultivate into a year old version of Bundesliga Manager. A slightly revamped version of football manager 2014 would have been to get over, EA Sports would not require 40 euros the amount for a full-price title. This year it has not even enough to print a prominent representative of the manager or coach guild on the games cover. One or the other coaches may breathe, after all, had diverse manager Felix Magath (FC Schalke 04, FM 11), Ralf Rangnick (TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, FM10), Hans Meyer (FM 08, 1. FC Nuremberg) and Thomas Doll (Hamburg SV, FM 07) vacate their coach chair at their club soon after they have appeared on the cover of each manager game.


Football Manager: Kennste one, all kennste

Football Manager 2014: End of an era?

For the football manager series, which represents the Bundesliga license a powerful selling point for football fans, the lights should go out so slowly after the release of FM, 2014. The developers at Bright Future primary care now to browser games.


New squad at full price: Football Manager 2014

Who does not want to be fobbed off with the squad update football manager 2014 and also finds no motivation in online manager games, should take a look at the Football Manager 2014 from the house of SI. The game in this country is only available via import due to the Bundesliga license issue. In Kenner circles of SI Manager but has since left the football manager from EA Sports already miles behind. As a frequent point of criticism is the FM 2014 Scrappy the dreary look. But even here there is a hardworking FM community that provides new player data.

Update (30.10.): Electronic Arts responded to criticism about the new FIFA Manager 14

The criticism of the fans remains with the publisher not unheard and is expressed in a statement on the allegations. PR manager Ralf Anheier points out that it was made clear before the game's release that the new football manager will bring 14 no new features with it, but the focus in the current FM is on the database update:

"The new FIFA Manager 14 includes &# 8211; unlike the previous versions &# 8211; no fundamentally new features, but is primarily an update of the extensive database. This was communicated accordingly, both to the press, to the trade (incl. Product packaging) as well as on the official website of Football Manager. We allow so at a discounted price (MSRP) to play a high-quality and topical product for another year the fans and especially the newcomers. "

Also on the missing licenses of the third league and regional leagues goes Anheier in the comments:

"EA Sports did not renew the license agreement for the 3rd league and regional leagues with the German Football Association (DFB). In the current version of Football Manager, the Bundesliga and 2nd League are included. "

How it will go on with the manager series, is currently in the stars.

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