Destiny 2: Details of Curse of Osiris DLC & amp; Maintenance on this day

There is a good and bad news for Destiny 2 fans. First the good: more about the contents of the DLCs. The bad news: Today there will be maintenance work again.

The extension Curse of Osiris appears only on 5 December 2017 PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. At the Paris Games Week developer Bungie announced but now in advance some details on DLC for the sci-fi shooter award.

Fight on the planet Mercury:


Destiny 2 - Curse of Osiris DLC - Trailer

With the DLC, the player can now achieve a character level of 25 and a power level of 330, respectively 335 probably with the use of mods. In addition, the story is told around the mighty Warlock Osiris Mercury and Vex. With Vance also an old character from the first Destiny returns. The first time you will also have the opportunity to curse of Osiris, to act with a different spirit than your own. Because Sagira, the spirit of Osiris, requires all appearances your help. In addition to new story content, a new raid to you and your clan, as well as new strikes, adventure and with the lighthouse waiting for a new social space.

Have you found all the armor? 

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Destiny 2: All exotic armor and their localities

And with so much anticipation you will be able to cope with the second message much better. Developer Bungie takes today Thursday, November 2 from 16 to 20h maintenance on its front servers. Then, the patch will be released 1.0.6, so the problems with the Monty Python emote to be resolved. With this it has been possible to walk through walls.

From 16 am Players will not be able to go online and those who have logged in before 16:00, then automatically leave at 17 o'clock the game. Are you looking forward to the DLC? Come the maintenance for you at an inconvenient time, or did you want anyway rather play later in the evening? Have your say!

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