Far Cry Primal: As great as the game world and the playing time, the PC version are shifted

Ubisoft has recently announced Far Cry Primal for the beginning of next year. Now the developers have once again assured that there is a full-fledged title and talked about the size of the game world and playing time.


Far Cry Primal Beast Master Developer Diary

It was probably ultimately as Ubisoft under a long eternal streams slowly Far Cry Primal announcing the least surprise in recent months. After two hours, the Turkish IGN offshoot leakte the title and a first image of the upcoming OpenWorld Crackers and the surprise was gone. Far Cry Primal will send accordingly to the Stone Age and offer a whole new environment with new gameplay elements. but the big question was from the beginning, whether it is a sort of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, or comes to us in light of published just last year Far Cry 4, a full new game. Ubisoft made it clear that Far Cry Primal latter is. And now these statements were again underpinned.

Pull up our preview of Far Cry Primal in!

Last night, found as you have noticed certain that The Game Awards in Los Angeles instead. There was also seen a new video about Far Cry Primal. Even before said creative director Maxime Béland in an interview about the amount of game we can expect with Far Cry Primal. Accordingly, the action game has no multiplayer, but the single player experience can be quite impressive. According to Béland we must with Far Cry Primal on an adventure pleased zoom extends the game world in terms of size approximately at Far Cry fourth The same also applies to the length of the story, we should simply run. Also a lot of side missions will be found in prehistoric game.

Far Cry Primal appear on February 23 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. I have bad news even in your luggage: the release for the PC has been moved in the evening on March. A day-definite date, there is not yet, but but collectors editions and new gameplay.

Here you can watch the Far Cry Primal Collector&# 039; s order Edition!

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