Twitch and emotes & amp; Smileys for Chat: Overview and guidance

Smileys, emote or emoticons: Anyway you want to call it, the popular Grinsegesichter may not be missing at Twitch. Here you will find an overview of all emotes for the gaming chat &# 8211; including the Delluminati emoticons.

Twitch and emotes & amp; Smileys for Chat: Overview and guidance

Twitch Emotes & Smileys for Chat

As with WhatsApp, Skype and Co., there are also at Twitch a variety of emotes. In our list you will find all the smileys and emoticons as an image and the belonging code that you can enter in the chat, to create the character or face.

GIGA GAMES on Twitch

Oh, and if you subscribe to the GIGA channel, you also get two extra course smileys to it (see below).

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Use Twitch chat emoticons: So happy you are with the Illuminati emote

The emotes in Twitch are divided into different categories. Some are available to all users, others only if you use or Turbo uses a Abonnoment.

Robot emotes

The Robot emoticons are free for all users Twitch available.

 Smiley code
 robot-emote1 :)
 robot-emote2 :(
 robot-emote3 :O
 robot-emote4: z
 robot-emote5 B)
 robot-emote6 : /
 robot-emote7 ;)
 robot-emote8 p
 robot-emote9 : p
 robot-emote10 R)
 robot-emote11 o_O
 robot-emote12 : D
 robot-emote13 >(

Twitch emoticons for Turbo

uses her Twitch Turbo, you have access to the following smileys. In the turbo settings you can reset it to the default appearance, the Smileys.

 Smiley code
 twitch-turbo-emoticons1 :)
 twitch-turbo-emoticons2 :(
 twitch-turbo-emoticons3 :O
 twitch-turbo-emoticons4: z
 twitch-turbo-emoticons5 B)
 twitch-turbo-emoticons6 : /
 twitch-turbo-emoticons7 ;)
 twitch-turbo-emoticons8 p
 twitch-turbo-emoticons9 : p
 twitch-turbo-emoticons10 R)
 twitch-turbo-emoticons11 o_O
 twitch-turbo-emoticons12 : D
 twitch-turbo-emoticons13 >(

There are also the following additional smileys. Twitch the monkey lets go:

 Smiley code
twitch smiley1 <3
twitch smiley2 R)
twitch smiley3 :>
twitch smiley4 <]
twitch smiley5 : 7
twitch smiley6 :(
twitch smiley7 : P
twitch smiley8 ; P
twitch smiley9 :O
twitch smiley10 : \
twitch smiley11 : |
twitch smiley12 : s
twitch smiley13 : D
twitch smiley18 o_O
twitch smiley15 >(
twitch smiley16 :)
twitch smiley17 B)
twitch smiley14 ;)
twitch smiley19 # /
twitch emotes1 KappaHD
twitch Emotes2 minik
twitch emotes3 you you you
twitch emotes4 riPepperonis

Face emotes: Faces for all and Delluminati

In addition to the emoticons or smileys themselves Twitch also offers a wide range various heads and similar symbols represent for your chat, different programmers, developers or streamer. Due to the incredibly high number of faces only a selection. The Delluminati Icon must not be missed.

 face code
face emotes 4head
face-emot1 Baby Rage
delluminati delluminati
emote-face2 Blood Trail
smiley Kreygasm
ssssss sSSSSS
Punch TreesPunch Trees

Smileys for subscribers

One is a subscriber to a Twitch channel, there are once again significantly more smileys that you can use, however, not only in the channel chat, but all over Twitch. The smileys even though you can switch only free if you have subscribed to a particular channel.

The various symbols go here in the hundreds, so we unfortunately have to do without a collection. What are we but of course not want to give is to show you our two twitch Faces for the guests:



GIGA GAMES Live - Trailer


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