How To: For charts in OpenOffice scale the X axis

With the application Calc from the packet, which ends up on your computer after downloading OpenOffice, it has a powerful spreadsheet with many functions on the computer. To present results and data resources in Calc appealing, it makes sense to use diagrams for the optical soundtrack.

Diagrams are decorated in OpenOffice Calc with just a few clicks. In some cases you want to still optimize the chart as you wish, for. B. scaled by the X-axis.

Sun can be in Open Office, the X axis scale

To create a chart, you mark first the values ​​to be displayed. "Insert Chart" can now be set individual attributes and specifications for the chart. When selecting the chart type you should opt for the "XY diagram", would you want to scale the X-axis.

After selecting the chart values, click "Finish" and the pictorial representation of the table data appears on the screen. In order to make the scale of the X axis, one double-clicks on the X axis. you reach the menu for the scale also has a Right click on the X-axis and selecting "Format Axis".

Open Office X axis scale diagram

Scale the X axis in OpenOffice Calc own ideas

In the new screen that appears can be found under the section "Scaling" individual requirements for the scaling of the axes in the graph. Here, remove the check mark from "Automatic" to set up a scale for customization. Here you are the desired values ​​for scaling and confirms the input with "OK".

In the given example, a small table with two people who have organized a shooting competition is. In the X-axis is the number of experiments represented the number of hits in the Y-axis. By scaling the X axis, the display of the shot attempts to a maximum value can, in this case 35, to adjust.

Limitations of OpenOffice for scaling the X axis

A scale of the X-axis in Open Office only works on an XY chart. The scaling of the X axis in OpenOffce z. As in a point-line diagram is not possible. In other chart options fixed values ​​for the mapping of the axes are used for the scaling of the axes. So, to make a scaling of the X axis in OpenOffice, set the chart type necessarily to "XY diagram".

OpenOffice X axis scaling

So it looks like when you scale in OpenOffice, the X axis to a set value

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