Minecraft: Gets to (almost) any platform cross-platform gaming

Minecraft gets a long awaited feature: Soon you can with your friends in a single large platform play, no matter which edition you zockst the sandbox game. Only a popular console remains before unfortunately outside.


Minecraft - E3 2017

Minecraft is not without reason, the second most successful game of all time, there is the open-world game but on just about every gaming platform. As Microsoft makes clear in his press conference at this year's E3, it is in the interest of the publisher to bring together all these separate Minecraft communities now closer.

Here you can order Minecraft

Under the motto "Unifying Minecraft" is namely soon a new update that allows almost all versions of the sandbox game cross-platform gaming. This means that you can play together with your friends, no matter which edition they play this game. So the so-called Better Together Update accounts for the different editions a single large platform that is easy to say just Minecraft. Without further subtitles.

Finally there is Minecraft for Nintendo Switch

unfortunately only one community is left out. So Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, Xb0x One-, Apple TV, Gear VR, Fire TV, and the Pocket Edition players are united. PlayStation 4 players at a disadvantage. As the blogger Jez Corden tells on Twitter, Sony have expressly refused to cross-platform gameplay. For what reason is not clear. Sony has not yet commented on this.

The advantage of the new mine Crafts lies in the fact that new updates are available at one go for all players, and no longer have to be published separately. With the Better Together update also wild parrots on all versions will be available. The same goes for colored glass, fireworks and banners. Also fossils and a recipe book come to Minecraft.

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