Password pattern, PIN – Sun assures it your Android device from properly

You want to protect your Android phone against unauthorized access, but do not know exactly how it works? In this guide we address the different unlock methods that Android offers, as you adjust it and how safe they are.


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Android Malware - How do you protect yourself

losing his smartphone &# 8211; by theft or simply because they have left it lying somewhere accidentally &# 8211; is anything but beautiful. Even worse is the whole thing but the fact that your phone or tablet is not hedged and the lucky new owner probably has unlimited access to all your stored files and your accounts and contacts. Therefore, you should also your phone absolutely secure. this on Android devices you have several options to choose from. Its benefits and how you set up this, we show you here.

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secure Android device correctly: How to&# 8217; s

The security settings are depending on the Android device different names for you is relevant to the "Security". Here you should a chapter called "screen lock", "encrypt device" or find similar entries. And precisely this is that we will look at in more detail in this guide.

Android security

No security: Brushing

This option is basically not a security measure, because with this function wakes her your Android device only from sleep mode .. Who would not live quite so reckless, so should urgently select one of the other choices.

Low to somewhat cumbersome security: Signature

Some devices (such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3) provide the ability to unlock the device with a signature. Since a signature is relatively easy to counterfeit, this security measure is better than none, but you should consider whether you really want to rely on this selection. Something safe is the lock screen, if you (or a pattern) uses a fake signature, which just can not be so easily copied.

Another disadvantage is that you often can not use your fingers for this Unlock screen. The exact entry of the signature requires mostly a touch pen, which can be unnecessarily complicated the lock screen.


Medium security: Pattern

Now we're getting closer. by a blocking pattern you can offer your smartphone secure quite good and so ensure that not everyone has easy access to your device.

The pattern should it ideally but (similar four- or triangle) is a more unusual form as a simple geometric figure or the first letter of your name to be. Nevertheless, you should not make too complex the pattern, so you can also notice you there. Important: Not only the pattern itself is here entscheident, but also the order in which their eingebt it.


Medium to high security: PIN

hedging is also in the middle of security by a PIN. Here, the security depends primarily on what a PIN you select. The longer and varying the numbers, the more secure the whole is natural. But while you should on such simple number combinations such abandon as your date of birth.


High security: password

As with the computer a classic password provides a fairly high level of assurance for Android smartphones or tablets. Unlike the PIN, which only consists of different figures, you have the password to use in addition the possibility of letters (uppercase and lowercase) and special characters.

Again, the more complicated the password, the harder it is to crack (but also harder to remember). A clear disadvantage of the password: The constant input of a long and very complex password can be very stressful in the long run. These costs of unlocking a lot of time.


Questionable Security: Face Unlock & fingerprint

Face Unlock and fingerprint scanners are loud Herstekker offer high security and to easily and quickly work out how effective the unlock methods, however, really are is questionable. Both methods have been repeatedly tricked by copies and photos. Here, the question of the methods work exactly how remains.

Furthermore, even privacy advocates warn repeatedly against the use and sharing of biometric data. For what the companies do with this information and whether they are really protected from third parties, is not certain. But as the hamburgische Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, Prof. Dr. Johannes Caspar, in a commentary of the Saxon newspaper (Dangerous fingerprint [[PDF]]) aptly writes:

&# 8220; At the end of the individual himself must consider whether to entrust the convenience inextricably connected to its body data a system whose security he can not vote.&# 8221;

No Alternative: No protection

While no security measure is also a choice, but you should then but possible reasons mentioned above without. So not only every stranger can easily access your smartphone: There is also the possibility that your device opens in the bag accidentally Apps, makes calls and selects other functions that may be chargeable at worst.

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