Samsung TV: Firmware Update Procedure – via USB or online

With a Samsung Smart TV you have a TV in the living room, which extends the normal TV with additional features and gadgets. To resolve problems and integrate new features, regular firmware update on the Samsung TV is necessary.

Samsung TV: Firmware Update Procedure - via USB or online

Find out here how to do if you want to update its Samsung device.

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Samsung TV: perform firmware update

samsung tv firmwareFor updating firmware you are three paths to choose from:

  • Install Firmware via USB Stick
  • Update via WLAN
  • Combining TV with LAN for the update

Do you want to update the Samsung TV, device must be turned on. now calls the menu "Help" or "support" from. Here, the "software upgrade" option can be found. At this point you can choose one of the above methods for the firmware update of Samsung Smart TVs. To choose from you are:

  • "On-line"
  • "Via USB"

Download the update online: Samsung televisions

Do you have a smart TV at home, this is usually also connected to the Internet. The installation of the firmware is equal to wired and wireless. Selected via "software upgrade" the "Online" option. The TV searches for it self for a new update is available. If a firmware update found, you can immediately start the download. This process may take several minutes depending on the size of the update and Internet speed. After downloading the firmware installation can begin with "Upgrade Now". During the establishment of the new firmware no buttons on the TV or on the Fernbedeinung should be operated. Also, you should not turn off the TV or even disconnected from the power, as this may lead to serious errors. After the update the TV program is displayed automatically.

Here there is the Samsung Firmware Update

Samsung TV: Firmware update perform via USB

If there is no Internet connection available, the Samsung can install firmware update via USB. Calls for this on the Samsung website. Here you must now find the type your Samsung device. The fastest way to find the device by entering the model number. If the Smart TV once found, can be found on the left of the "Firmware" section. By clicking on the icon the download can be started. If the firmware file once on the hard disk, it moves to a USB flash drive. Starts the EXE file on the USB flash drive and select "Install". The Samsung firmware is now installed on the USB flash drive. After installation is complete you can connect to the Samsung TV's USB stick. Selects "Via USB" and the Firware is established.

  1. "Help"
  2. "Support"
  3. "Via USB"
  4. Download Firmware PC via Samsung website
  5. move and execute firmware file on USB stick
  6. Connect USB stick to TV
  7. Confirm with OK
  8. Firmware update is installed


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