Zelda – Breath of the Wild: Kilton – location and offer the secret dealer

Kilton is a secret dealers in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, who you sold special items for the special game currency Monni. However Kilton is extremely well hidden in the game world, which is why you must find him first. We show you the location of Kilton and its product range. In addition, we tell you how you can earn Monni.

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Kilton sold you interesting objects. These include Monster masks, with which you can dress her in the role play as the opponents. but is particularly popular especially the dark robe, one of the best armor in the game that can you also get over the amiibo functions otherwise. But as you can Unlock Kilton and where the boy infected at all? The following video shows you the Locality of Kilton and how you unlock him as a regular dealer.


Zelda - Breath of the Wild: locality and products range from Kilton

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Zelda &# 8211; Breath of the Wild: find Kilton and unlock

Kilton be found in Northeast of the world map, more precisely in the Akkala region on the small island the left eye of the skull pond forms. You meet him but here only at night at. Should you here at day arrive, you can, if necessary, make a campfire and wait until nightfall. The map below shows you the exact Location of Kilton.


The skull Pond looks from above like a skull. In the left eye Kilton waiting for you.

Do you talk with Kilton he will retire from his position and is now on as Pedlars near the larger towns encountered. The easiest way you can find it if you to Guko-Chise Shrine at Gerudo City travels. Here he is only a few meters away to the north. He is hard to miss, as his status as a Fesselballon looks. but you can of course it near Kakariko, Tabu Rasa or Village of Zora encounter.

Important NOTE! Kilton has fixed opening times. You can with him only between 20 pm and 4 am shop!

Monni deserve and products range from Kilton

Kilton accepts no rubies for his goods, but only the additional Game currency &# 8220; Monni&# 8221;. This currency gets her directly Kilton if you him in exchange Monster materials give. Of which opponents their Monster parts gets, you can see in our great overview of all localities of the materials in Zelda: Breath of the game.

Do you have enough Monni collected, can you following buy goods at Kilton.

objectpropertyCosts (Monni)
Monster essenceIngredient for cooking recipes.9
mopLanz weapon19
joke hammerWeapon with little attack power. However, the opponent is flung away at the fourth beat of a combo.199
Bokblin maskPuts her at her, will not attack near Bokblin you.99
Moblin MaskPuts her at her, will not attack near Moblin you.199
Echsalfos maskPuts her at her, will not attack near Echsalfos you.299
Leunen maskPuts her at her, be temporarily not attack near Leunen you.999
MonsterzaumzeugSaumzeug for your horse.399
Monster saddleSaddle for your horse.299
dark hoodHave you created all three parts of the set and upgraded with the great fairies to at least level 2, your movement speed is increased at night.1999
dark robe999
dark pants999

Especially with the joke hammer and the various Monster masks can make it for fun moments in the game.

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Kilton recognize her from afar by its colorful balloon.

earn Kiltons Order

Additionally, you can with Kilton again after completing the main story speak, where he will talk with you about special bosses. Completed her for Kilton a certain number of certain bosses, he will give you his medal reward. These are the following enemies.

BossesNumber of killingsmedal
Iwarok40xIwarok Medal
Hinox40xHinox Order
Moldora4xMoldora Medal

What bring you the order, we do not yet know himself. As a decoration for your house in Zelda: Breath of the game you can not use them anyway. Do you have a Application for Order discovered? Then it writes like in the comments.

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