Acer Aspire Switch 11 Test – A new 2-in-1 favorite?

Acer has already led the way with the Acer Aspire Switch 10 FHD (Test) other manufacturers, such as a favorable 2-in-1 might look like. When switch 11 one tries the same again and offers an enlarged Switch 10 FHD to in principle.

With the equipment there are generally two versions of the switch 11. The cheapest version costs only 399 SW5-111 incl. Keyboard Dock (at Amazon). Here, you only get an Intel Atom Z3745 processor, 2GB of RAM, an HD display (1366 x 768) and 32GB internal memory. The next larger version already offers significantly more features. It is the SW5-171 with an Intel Core i3-4012Y, 4GB of RAM, a full HD display (1920 x 1080) and a 60GB SSD for € 599 (to offer), while for 649 € a 120GB SSD gets instead of 60GB. Who wants it more quickly, which must be 799 € engage even deeper into their pockets. But you get an Intel Core i5-4202Y and an additional 500GB HDD hard drive in the keyboard dock. As history has shown, can be at the keyboard docks without HDD, later retrofit any more. Acer here could have made an exception with the Switch 11 as images of a keyboard dock a user show here is both space and the connection available. This we can not confirm, unfortunately, in the test.

We got provided i5 Acer Aspire Switch 11 with the Intel Core. In the switch 11 test, we want to show you whether the device is worth a purchase or whether to engage better for Surface Pro 3 (test).

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Aspire Switch 11 Test-1

Even the smaller Acer Aspire Switch 10 was quite large for a 10 inch tablet. When switch 11 is not much different. Through the large frame around the display, the tablet looks more like a 13-inch model, and in fact there is not much smaller than a MacBook Pro 13. This would have the design Acer will adapt something to make it more compact and easier to handle. By the bulky design and the lack of rounded edges, the tablet is alone, not always good in the hand. Here we have much better from Microsoft as Dell saw. Weighing in at 850g, it is of course not easy and so the Tablet trying always support somewhere during use.

Aspire Switch 11 Test-10

The tablet and the keyboard dock consist primarily of plastic. Only the back is embellished with an aluminum cover. Basically, the tablet is far acts not as high as a magnesium casing of Surface Pro 3, but one should not forget here the price differences. From processing makes it in fact otherwise good. Every now and then but you can hear a faint creaking on the right side at the height of the USB connector.

Aspire Switch 11 Test 4

Fortunately, the choice of connections. Here you will find on the right a full USB 3.0 port, a charging port, a microSD slot, which recognizes our 128GB microSD card easily, and a micro-HDMI port, and a small hole for the reset. On the opposite side there are buttons for volume, stand-by and the Windows key. In our Switch 11 here the volume buttons seem to be a little too deep in the body, so they were a little hard to feel. In addition, you could have found a better place for the Windows key or the stand-by button (e.g., on the top). Here it came in our test switch 11 now and then before that you have pressed the stand-by button instead of the Windows key and vice versa. Only after a few days, the accuracy has increased here. On the bottom is still then the keyboard dock connector and the two omissions for the keyboard dock.

Aspire Switch 11 Test-12

On the front of the 11.6-inch display is under a Gorilla Glass 3 and an HD camera. Also on the front, almost perfectly positioned the speakers are. These also have a good Soundqultiät and good volume. Rather moderate, the HD camera cuts here. Here you could have at least obstruct a 2 megapixel camera. The lighting is dim it may, unfortunately, as usual, come to a noise during chats or recording.

The wireless connections there are no surprises. Here you bet on the Wifi standard a / b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0. In the test, a good and stable wifi connection was, so we had no problems.

Keyboard Dock

Aspire Switch 11 Test 6

Same as the Acer Apsire Switch 10, the keyboard dock has another special feature. Compared to Asus has developed the hinge. The magnetic hinge holds the tablet firmly &# 8211; so it does not wobble. In addition, the magnets are so strong that you can easily lift the tablet runs on the dock.

Acer Aspire Switch 11 Test 11

The special hinge also arise more modes, how to use the tablet as you can plug it in two directions. So you can use the tablet in normal notebook mode, tablet mode, display, presentation or tent mode. Granted, you mainly use the notebook mode in normal use, or you put on the tablet. But in some situations, for example, the display mode is very handy if you, for example, want to watch a movie, or leisurely lying on the couch and the device simply turns on itself.

Aspire Switch 11 Test 8

The dock consists only of plastic and therefore the feel is not quite as high, as one would wish. Especially in the larger design it falls on something more, compared to the smaller 10-inch tablets.

Apart from the different modes, there is another full USB 2.0 (!) Connection. Thus, there is a total of 2 two full connections with the Switch. 11 Too bad that you have not built here another USB 3.0 port.

Built up on our test model 500GB HDD hard drive is not the fastest HDD, as the access speeds. So we reached a read speed of 33,17MB / s and write speed of 32,95MB / s.

But now we come to the most important parts &# 8211; the keyboard and trackpad. The big switch 11 there is enough space and this one uses for relatively large keys and such a trackpad.

Acer Aspire Switch 11 Test 5

The individual keys are a good size and have a good pressure point is that you can easily write long texts with the keyboard and this without much getting used to. So we write just this switch 11 test on the 2-in-first The only conspicuous drawback is the lack of backlighting. We can not quite understand why manufacturers not to require such where it's so handy at night or in dark rooms that. Even Microsoft has managed to integrate a backlight into its extremely thin Touch and Type covers.

Sun remains the trackpad. As we know from many manufacturers, it's not so easy to build in a good trackpad and yet at an affordable price. Unfortunately, that's not quite succeeded Acer with the Switch. 11 The trackpad does not work very precise and also something cheap, because it can quickly come to a clacking of the trackpad when you touch it. The consolation prize is the sufficient size.

Acer Active Pen Stylus

Aspire Switch 11 Test-18

Those who wish can buy an Active Pen Acer for 39.90 for the full HD versions of the switch 11 (see Amazon) or alternatively, the latest Stylus Dell for about 26 € (with MTX).

Aspire Switch 11 Test-15

The technology comes from Synaptics. Of this we were not initially very excited, but it has already proven to Dell that the latest generation of pen works well and that too with the Switch. 11

Acer Aspire Switch 11 Software 3

The accuracy and the write image to get still not to the N-Trig stylus of the Surface Pro 3 back, but it has become useful, so you really text, for example, can easily take notes in OneNote.

We also got the Acer Active Stylus as a tester. This is good from the function, but we also noticed that you have to unscrew the Stlyus now and then to release the contact of the battery that it will work again.


Aspire Switch 11 Test 9

Our test model, the 11.6-inch display has 1920 x 1080 pixels on. Here, the IPS display is protected by a Gorilla Glass. 3 In addition, Acer reused the Zero Air Gap technology, thus there is no distance between the display and display glass.

Generally makes itself so the display in terms of brightness, color reproduction and viewing angles well.

however Noticed a slight display Bleeding. This can be seen but only at dark background Green ends such as when starting the operating system.

Acer Aspire Switch 11 Test 20

In addition, there is a slight wave formation when squeezing the edges of the tablet too tight, not necessarily makes a very solid impression, but can occur in many devices.

The touch screen itself reacts this very well and exactly as it should.


Aspire Switch 11 Test-13

Depending on the equipment to work different Intel processors inside. It is interesting that I version is no fan is both the Atom version and also the core. This means at the same time that a power-saving Y processor arrives at the Core I versions used.

In our version with the Intel Core i5-4202Y we were quite pleased with the performance. In conjunction with the 4GB of memory and 120GB of speedy SSD (of which about 108GB free after the first launch) with a read speed of 445.1 MB / s and a write speed of 327.1 MB / s, the performance was good. In the benchmark values, results that are certainly under the Intel Core i5 U4300 showed. But you should not forget that you get a fanless tablet with the Switch. 11

Aspire Switch 11 (i5)Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (i5)Microsoft Surface Pro 2Dell Venue 11 Pro 5130
PC Mark 74047516246812598
3D Mark 064206505761561880

is exciting, of course, the waste heat produced during heavy use. This can easily be seen, however, is still acceptable.

With the internal HD4200 GPU Intel is allowed in terms of games, of course, do not make too many hopes on high-end games. Of course, let some games like Minecraft or newer games with low graphics settings and low resolution on the switch 11 to play. In games from the Windows Store, such as Modern Combat, there are also no problems.

but unfortunately we do not have own values ​​for cheaper Intel Core i3 version of the switch 11. As one can deduce from reviews (see Amazon reviews), these versions should be sized to fit many applications and provide enough performance.

Battery Life

Aspire Switch 11 Test-14

While the Intel ATOM version of Switch 11 is provided with approximately 8.5 h, the Intel Core i version should run only 6.5 h. Thus, the battery life would not be much longer than with newer tablets or convertibles with Intel Core M processor here.

In our battery test with continuous video playback, full screen brightness and connected WLAN, we reached a value of 5: 49h without keyboard dock and 5:45 with keyboard dock. Thus we see that the keyboard with the integrated hard disk hardly eats energy.

In normal use, we came with automatic brightness to around 6 hours. Thus the term is not quite as good as one probably it. it is asked for. Acer could have at least here at the keyboard integrate an additional battery, which increases the runtime by about 3-5h. That would be one probably. affect something on the purchase price, but attracted by the better running time more buyers.


Acer Aspire Switch 11 Software 2

The Intel Core versions Acer uses 8.1 64-bit on Windows. Thus one also takes advantage of the operating system more hardware resources. However one dispensed with a free year to Microsoft Office 365, it is often the case with the cheaper and smaller Windows tablets.

On the surface itself, Acer has hardly made any changes. But one finds the same as with other Acer products quite a bit of preinstalled software. A little tip from us: Uninstall the pre-installed McAfee Antivirus. This unnecessarily slows down the system. Alternatively, there are plenty of free Antivir software.

In addition to the Antivir There is another variety of installed apps. These include: booking, Spotify, Ebay, Accuweather, TuneIn, Flipboard, Kobo Books, Zinio Reader and some own Acer applications such as Acer Explorer, abDocs, abFiles, abphoto, abmedia, Recovery Management, Touch tools Screen Grasp ( for screenshots), Quick Access, Power management, Access and hover a few more. Overall, the results in some applications that are more or less useful and often probably only occupy the free space of the tablet. but third-party apps can be uninstalled fortunately without much effort.


In conclusion, for the Acer Aspire Switch 11 test can be said that the switch can convince 11th Although there are a few drawbacks, such as the right chunky design of the switch 11. For that gets to the tablet but also at a much cheaper price of 599 € with the Core i3, 4GB Ram, 60GB memory and the keyboard dock. Liked it also has the display and the option to use the stylus. For Needs improvement we believe the test the trackpad, as well as the internal battery, the Acer could easily expand as additional battery in the keyboard can.

Alternatively, there is only the Asus Transformer T300FA with Intel Core M and larger display &# 8211; but there without FHD display and stylus. Those who would rather quality that gets taken when Surface Pro 3 from a starting price of 799 € a solid tablet. For hour ducks there are an additional 10 percent discount (from the Microsoft Store). However, the keyboard must be purchased separately again.

Acer Aspire Switch 11



Price: 599 €
In the test, the Aspire Switch 11 can through the display, convincing performance, connections and a cheap price.

advantages- display
- price
- Keyboard Dock
- speaker

disadvantage- bulky design
- Battery life
- trackpad

Haptics / processing














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