Open WhatsApp: on smartphone, tablet, PC and Mac – Here’s how

WhatsApp can be opened in different ways: on the PC, on your phone, on your tablet and Mac. Here you learn how you can quickly open WhatsApp.

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Getting in WhatsApp

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The Messenger WhatsApp is popular because it is then put on the market at the right time. He has virtually replaced the SMS by you can chat on the Internet connection of your mobile phones and call, which in addition to the tariff accruing additional costs. Meanwhile, you can open WhatsApp not only on smartphones and tablets, but also on PC and Mac.

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Open WhatsApp: on smartphone, tablet, PC and Mac

WhatsApp can open it in the following ways:

  • WhatsApp open on the smartphone: For this to work, you must first install WhatsApp. Then you typed on the phone on the WhatsApp icon in the App Drawer. If you do not have the App Drawer, is the WhatsApp icon on one of your app pages: just wipe the page to browse them.
  • WhatsApp open on the tablet: How to do it, learn it here: use WhatsApp on your tablet.

WhatsApp Messenger

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WhatsApp Messenger
Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
Price: Free

  • WhatsApp on PC & Open Mac: So you WhatsApp can be opened on the PC, you must first install the WhatsApp client: Whatsapp in Windows 10 & 7 install and uninstall - Here&# 8217; s. Then you just click on the desktop icon or WhatsApp you seek the Start menu after WhatsApp entry. If you have a Mac, install and instead uses it the MacOS client from WhatsApp.
  • Open WhatsApp in the browser: About the service WhatsApp Web their WhatsApp can be opened on a PC or Mac browser. Scans the displayed QR code of the Web page with your smartphone. Typed it in the Android app top right of the three points and selects the menu item WhatsApp the web. to Macs you read the instructions: WhatsApp on Mac use (instructions).

    Here you open WhatsApp Web on your smartphone.

    Here you open WhatsApp Web on your smartphone.

Open WhatsApp: no longer goes

If you WhatsApp no ​​longer can open, you should first download a WhatsApp update & update the Messenger. Otherwise you can find out here what you can do if WhatsApp Crashing: WhatsApp crashes: This can be done in case of problems (iPhone and Android).

If even WhatsApp Web does not open, the WhatsApp servers are probably unreachable. then look over here: WhatsApp no ​​longer works or is down &# 8211; Fault current.

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