Bloodborne: Micolash, host of the nightmare – Boss Guide

Similarly, fight and hunt is this boss fight in bloodborne against Micolash, host of the nightmare. In a labyrinth of corridors and staircases you tried this villain to confuse and shake. We tell you how to provide the Boss with the cage on his head, because in the struggle of man against man Micolash you can not cope.

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On your way to the top of the Menses Nightmare will get acquainted with this fellow you inevitably. Micolash makes this a rather bizarre impression. With his student's uniform and a huge cage on his head he mocks you and turns you reluctant to direct confrontation.

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Bloodborne: Micolash, host of the nightmare at a glance

placeMenses Nightmare
dropshead protection &# 8220; menses cage&# 8221;
blood echoes48,400
StrengthenNimble legs, undead as support
weaknessesWeak in the direct duel
Recommended Players Level60

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Sophistication and nimble feet are the weapons of Micolash.

Sophistication and nimble feet are the weapons of Micolash.

 Micolash, host of the nightmare - Boss Fight Guide

This fight consists of two phases. At each stage you have to hunt Micolash first and put in a blind alley before you can harm him. In general, you should consider the following tips for fighting history:

  • The fight takes place in a library on multiple levels connected with stairs.
  • Fog reduces visibility and additional undead hinder you throughout the next round.
  • You have between combat phases unlimited time to make you to look for Micolash.
  • Micolash has no significant weaknesses against elemental damage.

First phase: The hunt begins

At the beginning you must follow her Micolash until you come to a room with a dead end. Only here you can fight it. Take care of the two undead in the same room and then you concentrate entirely on him. In the first phase he's got next to a little impressive combo of punches just a tentacle attack on middle distance. therefore come closer to him only from the side or from behind skin it down to half the life bar. Once this is achieved, Micolash will teleport away and the chase begins again.

The tentacles attack you can easily escape to the side.

The tentacles attack you can easily escape to the side.

Second phase: no more cat-and-mouse game

The second wild chase through the maze of corridors and stairs is a bit longer. Micolash lures you into dead ends, ladders and jump passages. Finally, you can make the final boss room but him. Here you can find him as usual continue to attack, only that he now has a dangerous attack more on it.

Now and then he will now pause to summon arcane projectiles that fire in all directions. If possible, do not let the time to do this to him and covers him with combos. His magic attacks can not be interrupted also, so take legs in hand and differs from the case of this attack.

Beware of the arcane projectiles. This share of associated damage.

Beware of the arcane projectiles. This share of associated damage.

The loot of Micolash, host of the nightmare

After his death leaves his Micolash Menses cage for you, you are allowed to carry himself as headdress from now on, if you dare. In addition, you can now scan at rest all gears after missed objects.


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