Seeing the motor sport magazine on RTL 2 today online: Grip the live stream and TV

Since 2007, RTL 2 has with "grip" his own motorsport magazine in the TV program. Your current can turn every Sunday to grip a live stream and TV *.

Seeing the motor sport magazine on RTL 2 today online: Grip the live stream and TV

RTL 2 Live Stream there for a free account at Magine * on your PC screen, Android, iPhone or iPad. The latest episode of RTL 2 each at 18 o'clock on Sunday. There are also daily at 5am the motor sport magazine in repetition for early risers.

Here you can see online grip on RTL 2

Grip the live stream and TV: New episodes on Sunday

The first 30 days can you RTL 2 see on Magine free. Afterwards Magine TV enters the free model, which streams you among other things, ARD, ZDF and Co. online. Alternatively, you can register even with Zattoo, to receive RTL 2 online and to be able to see Grip in live stream. Here, however, a paid subscription is required HiQ.


RTL 2 Now her old episodes of grip you see in the repetition (Screenshot:

In addition, you can turn on as repeating 2 Now to grip the stream at RTL. There, the latest episode of Sunday and all other broadcast already in the TV episodes in the stream found as a repeat for retrieval.

Grip the stream: reps on RTL 2 Now

The Motor Magazine Grip is broadcast weekly since of 2007. In about 46 minutes you can here Various reports, documentaries and news about "automobile" see. In addition to the TV show, there is also a magazine to grip that appears in the 6-week intervals.

In the new series of Sunday Axel Stein will test the new Porsche Carrera GTS. On February 8, there is then the Erstkontatk with the Donkervoort D8 GTO.

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