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The VLC Media Player Portable is the download version of the popular multimedia player for the USB flash drive. Also in this issue, the crucial feature is the ability of Wieergabe almost all video and audio files.

With VLC Media Player Portable (VLC stands for VideoLAN Client) Download can you play virtually all video formats (including DVD, SVCD, DivX, Xvid, MKV, OGM, MPG, etc.). The corresponding codecs have been integrated into the player and therefore need not only be installed separately. The major audio formats are no problem for the VLC Media Player Portable Download. Thanks to the MPEG streaming you have the option to start already during download the video and watch, which is a similar function as it is used in different file sharing tools. So you can determine if the download of the file is worth early on.

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VLC Media Player Portable Download: Additional Features and other versions

In addition to stream media files from the Internet and audio and video files can be streamed on the network with the VLC Media Player Portable download. The program handles the creation of playlists and displays subtitles. There are a number of skins with which you can beautify its appearance for the VLC Media Player Portable.

VLC Media Player Portable


As an alternative to downloadable here portable variant, it is also an installation version of VLC Media Player; also spending on Mac, iOS and Android available on the net.

With version 2.2 of VLC Media Player Portable various extensions and improvements that you can read in the release notes totaling come. So playback starts after closing the program back to the site of the crash and extensions for the media player can be loaded directly from the program now.

Under the version 2.2.6 brings some bug fixes with it. In particular, an annoying bug was fixed that occurred when using Nvidia graphics cards, leading to image defects.


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