Snapchat Upload: These apps allow you to Snapupload

Snapchat is now one of the most popular social media apps. In the photo messenger app Photos and videos are eagerly provided with texts and images and sent to the Snapchat contacts. Regular Snapchat updates ensure that there are constantly discovering new creative features, and you can collect for example Snapchat Trophies. But you can actually pre-recorded videos and pictures outside Snapchat upload and send? Below, we tell you how this works with the Snapchat upload.

Snapchat Upload: These apps allow you to Snapupload

The so-called snap-upload is not integrated into the Snapchat app, which means you can upload as easy in Snapchat and send it to friends any photos from your camera folder. If you have your last shared experience with your boyfriend or your girlfriend but already photographed and want to convert to a Snapchat Pic now, there are so-called Snapchat uploader in the form of apps. Read below how you can send from the gallery in Snapchat photos.


Trophies in Snapchat

Snapchat upload: That you should know

In both stores for Android smartphones and iPhones Snap Uploader apps were available for download. Since Snapchat but the upload function itself is not integrated and the third-party apps work around this limitation simply, many of the apps are now gone from the stores.

  • Casper APK &# 8211; only for Android devices &# 8211; there are now no longer in the Google Play Store, but still with us
  • Snap Upload Free for iPhone and iPad is also no longer available for download in the App Store

If you have photos shot, and having no Internet connection, there are still ways to share them as a snap with your friends or upload for 24 hours in your Snapchat history.

In the App Store you up to date (28/04/2015) finds three apps for iOS devices to download:

  • Swift Pic
  • snap Up
  • Upload&# 8217; n&8217; Roll

With third-party apps but is also always the risk is that your dates can fall into unauthorized hands or that your Snapchat account restricted or even blocked can be. To what extent is going Snapchat against individual users, we can not say at present. It is clear that this upload apps are faster and faster away from the stores. In addition, the apps do not always work flawlessly together with Snapchat. In addition, Snapchat is since Snapchat leak targeted against third-party apps before because it images were stolen.

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Snapchat upload with Swift Pic

The app allows you to send photos, videos and texts to individual friends or in group chats, even if they have not installed SwiftPic. Starting with version 1.8 you can paint on the snaps and see what they have added your contacts for creative ideas on your shared memories together with your friends. So far, however, are still missing photo filter here.

SwiftPic - Group Photo chats!

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SwiftPic - Group Photo chats!
Developer: Reactor hype, Inc. *
Price: Free

  • Snapchat Upload: These apps allow you to Snapupload
  • Snapchat Upload: These apps allow you to Snapupload
  • Snapchat Upload: These apps allow you to Snapupload
  • Snapchat Upload: These apps allow you to Snapupload
  • Snapchat Upload: These apps allow you to Snapupload
  • Snapchat Upload: These apps allow you to Snapupload

Snapchat: Send photos from gallery

Snap Up also allows you to upload your collected video and pictures from your gallery in Snapchat. However, there is a coin system here. Only when you have collected enough coins, you can send her your snaps. You deserve Coins by their advertisements you see or paid for coins.

The app was not found in the store.

Upload&# 8217; n&8217; Roll &# 8211; Your favorite moments in Snapchat Upload

Upload&# 8217; n&8217; Roll comes with a photo editor in which you your photos with appropriate emoticons, stickers, texts, Memes, filters and other effects can beautify. Of course, you allow the app to upload snaps to your Snapchat history. The app also works with a coin system. Here you get free coins daily.

The app was not found in the store.The app was not found in the store.

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