Top 5 Password Manager: Free software for secure passwords

Are creating your passwords you also still with the name of your partner, child or pet? And then they write on slips of paper that fly around either chaotic on the desk or are "safe" in the wallet? And when you need it, do not you think the list of course again? Well then, is a career as a security chief of Sony probably no more obstacles. No question: Passwords are the bane of the Internet. Either they are so easy to crack that even his own grandmother has no problems with a brute-force attack, or clicking on the routine immediately &# 8220; Lost Password&Button; #. 8221 We present five password managers that are safe, convenient and free.

Because of course you can do all that much better. Even without therefore equal to the brain Juggler will need. The magic word is password manager. We present five programs that generate completely secure passwords and then also to keep. You note from now on only a single Master Password. That should now but let's be really good.

1.) Steganos Password Manager 1.11

Steganos Password ManagerSteganos Password Manager know most probably as shareware. With around 12 euros while not cost the earth, but there are also a feature-limited freeware version that basically it can do everything you would expect from a password manager. In addition, the free version of the professional program already supports multiple user profiles. Ideal if several people are working on the PC.

Top 5 Password Manager: Free software for secure passwordsSteganos Password Manager download for free
Password Manager Multi-user support

2.) KeePass 2.15

KeePass Password SafeKeePass or KeePass Password Safe how the program completely is, a star of the open source scene. There, security is well known, posted particularly large. Therefore KeePass brings two encryption algorithms with AES and Twofish. For even more security, not only the passwords are encrypted, but even the whole database.

Top 5 Password Manager: Free software for secure passwordsDownload KeePass free
Password manager with strong security features

3.) Efficient Password Manager 1.68

Efficient Password ManagerThe strength of Efficient Password Manager is already in the name. The free Manager makes dealing with passwords especially easy by the program covers numerous uses. Including website logins, FTP accounts, email accounts and other comfortably be managed in addition to passwords. There is also a password generator and is also available in a portable version for USB flash drive.

Top 5 Password Manager: Free software for secure passwordsdownload Efficient Password Manager free
Password manager for easy work

4.) All My Passwords 3.20

All my passwordsAll my passwords is the perfect tool when you have to manage many different passwords. These can be in AmP how the program of the fans is abbreviated lovingly arrange for a quicker overview in groups. Another strength of AmP is the Multi-computer work. So the password file can be stored on a USB stick or in the cloud, and there is a network edition.

Top 5 Password Manager: Free software for secure passwordsdownload all my passwords for free
Password manager for multiple PCs

5.) LastPass 1.73

LastPassYou have a Windows PC at work, at home a Mac and your secondary computer runs on Linux? And while surfing take depending on Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome? Then you need a multiplatform tool like LastPass. Running in all these browsers and on all operating systems listed. Simply save passwords onto a USB stick or on the online hard drive so that they are always available.

Top 5 Password Manager: Free software for secure passwordsDownload LastPass for free
Password manager for all platforms

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