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Review: Asus Transformer Book T100 in the test

Asus was sort of the father of the netbook generation. A small notebook at a sensational price. The success of netbooks was tall and almost every manufacturer also built a competing product. Following the introduction of tablets but it was clear that things will do to the netbook sector and so turned Asus recently, the &Netbook 2.0; # 8220&# 8243; in front. It is of course not just a netbook, but a 2 in 1 device, ie Tablet and netbook in one. All with full Windows 8.1 and Office preinstalled at an incredible price from 379 €. So far there is no similar product with keyboard from another manufacturer that could compete in price.

Interest in the Transformer Book T100 is large and we have received many questions from you. In the detailed Asus Transformer Book T100 test we have tried to answer all questions and show you what the Transformer Book T100 is and whether it is suitable for example for study.

Test device: Asus Transformer Book T100 32GB &# 8211; Price from approximately 379 € on Amazon | | Cyberport
Software: Windows 8.1

Asus Transformer Book T100 Video and pictures:

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Gallery Review: Asus Transformer Book T100 in the test

  • (Figure 1.24):
    Transformer Book T100 keyboard

  • (Figure 2.24):
    Transformer Book T100 trackpad

  • (Figure 3.24):
    Transformer Book T100-back close

  • (Figure 24.4):
    Transformer Book T100 plastic

  • (Figure 5.24):
    Transformer Book T100 display

  • (Figure 6.24):
    Transformer Book T100 USB 3.0

  • (Figure 7.24):
    Transformer Book T100 alone

  • (Figure 24.8):
    Transformer Book T100 front

  • (Figure 9.24):
    Transformer Book T100 front-side

  • (Figure 24.10):
    Transformer Book T100 side-by-Dock

  • (Figure 24.11):
    Transformer Book T100 side-walk

  • (Figure 12.24):
    Transformer Book T100 Asus logo

  • (Picture 13/24):
    Transformer Book T100 ports

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    Asus Transoformer-book T100TA Sideways

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    Asus Transoformer-book with T100TA-packaging

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    Asus Transoformer-book T100TA-height

  • (Picture 17/24):
    Asus Transoformer-book T100TA tablet on Keyboard Dock

  • (Picture 18/24):
    T100 back

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    Tablet side

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    Keyboard Dock des-Asus Transoformer-book T100TA-without HDD dismantled

  • (Picture 21/24):
    Keyboard Dock des-Asus Transoformer-book T100TA-without HDD inside

  • (Picture 22/24):
    Keyboard Dock des-Asus Transoformer-book T100TA height

  • (Picture 23/24):
    Keyboard Dock des-Asus Transoformer-book T100TA-

  • (Picture 24/24):
    Asus Transoformer-book T100TA back-to-keyboard dock

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Asus at Computex 2017: All new items at a glance


The Asus Tranfransformer Book T100 tablet comes with a 10.1 inch display. With dimensions of 263 x 171 x 10.5mm and weighing only 525g, it is very light and compact.

Transformer Book T100 plastic

With such a low price, of course, also has to be saved somewhere and it shows in the processing or the materials used. On the back of a Glossy Kunsstoff is used. The design can be seen as with the previous Asus tablets and Ultrabooks, light centric circles. However, the surface feels slightly cheaper and acts as a Fingerabruckmagnet. it is placed for example on uneven surfaces hard, fast and small scratches are visible. Toward the edge, the tablet is a little flatter, so you can keep it in good hands. Here, however, the edges of the back of the frame of the display are a bit sharp. but this can vary from device to device. By the glossy plastic tablet does not work quite as solid and rigid. Thus, the housing can be pressed, for example, with a little pressure. In the previously mentioned points, we must not forget that the tablet is cheap and, unfortunately, something had to be saved as mentioned above. A matte surface like the Nexus 7 (test) or MemoPad FHD 10 (Test) we would still prefer.

Transformer Book T100 connections

are the most important ports, so you can find here, among others, a micro USB, micro HDMI, microSD slot, and audio port on the right side already in the tablet. On the bottom side of the dock connector for the included keyboard dock, over which one gets another USB 3.0 port is located. About the Micro-USB port, a USB stick or an external hard disk can be (even without an additional power source) connected via an adapter. In our test, we have also tried to connect using a USB hub several devices and successful. We were able to connect via the micro USB port at the same time two USB sticks, external hard drive with 2.5 inches and a mouse. Unless you are traveling and has, for example, only the tablet case, this can be very handy. The problem arises only when you want to charge the device, because this will only work on the Micro-USB port and is not via the external keyboard dock possible. The MicroSD slot is also easily reads 64GB memory cards. The read and write speed, despite a fast memory card slowly than in other terminals. So we got a read and write speed of 23,58Mb / s or 17,06Mb / s, while at the same 64GB memory card in the Surface Pro 2 (test) values ​​of about 64Mb / s and 15Mb / s received. This should perhaps be considered before buying the T100. an external monitor via the micro HDMI output can be easily connect, depending on the selection of the external monitor can display the content in full HD here. This, however, the image of the tablets must not be mirrored, but must itself be selected as a playback device. Duplicated to the screen, the maximum resolution of both screens 1366 x 768 pixels.

On the left side are the volume control and a Windows key. Thus, Asus has installed instead of the touch-sensitive buttons on the front of a normal button on the side. had already been a tablet with Windows 8, this is a bit strange at first. The standby button can be found as usual on the top. The keys are not firmly in the housing, so that they jiggle slightly.

While you will find on the back of no camera, but the left and right two speakers, there are on the front above the display a few sensors and a 1.2-megapixel camera for video chats.

The two speakers have a good quality up to a certain volume. If you turn the volume too high, however, they start to crack slightly. The 1.2-megapixel camera performs a good service under normal lighting conditions. If the lighting conditions somewhat worse, that is identified as with most cameras, image noise.

If one wants to connect the T100 with wireless networks, or devices, is a WLAN a / b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0, and widi available. The reception quality was this good in our T100 test.

Keyboard Dock

The keyboard dock will be delivered on T100 and comes in different variants. A version without built-in memory, and a version in which a 500GB hard drive is integrated into the keyboard dock. If you want to store a lot of data to the device, we recommend to grab the same when buying the version with the 500GB hard drive, as the keyboard dock without a hard disk can not be retrofitted. As already mentioned, 3.0 port can be connected via the keyboard dock further media via USB. Thus, data can be, for example, quickly copy from or to an external hard drive.

broken keyboard dock Asus Transoformer Book T100TA without HDD

The keyboard dock is also easy with a weight of 520g. In the keyboard dock however is no additional battery, but this should not be a cause for concern, as we show later. Using the T100 with the keyboard dock, the tilt angle is limited, so it does not tip backwards when you are there normally on a table. This does not affect the work with the T100, as the relatively IPS display offers high viewing angle.

Transformer Book T100 keyboard

The keyboard offers a full layout and additional multimedia functions. The keys themselves are quite small, but have a good pressure point. You can sit and write with the keyboard longer texts after a short adjustment period. The trackpad is also a bit small but important supports multi-touch gestures. For extended use or for precise work but this is too small. In this case you should connect a mouse via Bluetooth or USB, or simply work with the touch screen.

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