Sky Online: Cost Overview

In the fall of 2015, Sky has restructured its snap-program and renamed "Sky Online". Sky Online wants to position itself next to the streaming services Netflix, max cathedrals and co. Below you learn, what the costs of Sky online and what content is offered for it.

Unlike the traditional Sky subscription content from Sky Online does not have the TV via cable or satellite is received, but can be viewed via streaming on the PC, tablet, smartphone and other devices. At the same time it closes here no subscription with a minimum contract term of 24 months, but can terminate Sky online monthly. A possibility, to test Sky online for free there are currently not.

To Sky Online

Sky Online: cost of the program

For the Sky online access, there are two different options that are geared to TV and movie fans. Depending on the option chosen another monthly price for Sky Online will apply. lower costs incurred for the series as a package for film option.

Sky Online: Cost Overview

optionSky Online EntertainmentSky Cinema Online
monthly Price€ 9.99€ 14.99
  • New series, often in parallel with the US launch
  • Complete Series season for retrieval
  • Documentaries, children's programs and other third-party content series
  • no advertising
  • Also available with the original English
  • Access to selected pay-TV programs such. B. FOX or Sky Atlantic
  • Hollywood blockbusters shortly after Kinstart
  • Up to 20 TV premieres per month
  • Also available with the original English
  • Sky Cinema
  • Disney Cinemagic

For the monthly cost of 9.99 € you can z. As next year already watch the latest episodes of The Walking Dead one day after the US broadcast. The sixth season of Game of Thrones will be available on "Sky Online Entertainment" in all probability. Those who prefer puts on films, pays the approximate price of two cinema visits and can watch as many movies as time will bear.

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Sky Online: Prices of the offer

In the film program of Sky Online to find it no dull repetition, but films that have been shown recently in the cinema. In December you can for here. As the Anti-war film starring Brad Pitt, "Heart of Steel" online access "50 Shades of Gray" and get the James Bond Collection on the screen. In the series package for her look. As all episodes of the first five seasons of The Walking Dead on the stream, House of Cards, Dowton Abbey and the fifth season American Horror Story (as of 12/16/2015).

Sky Online: Cost Overview

Sky Online you missed any episode of The Walking Dead.

In addition can be booked at any of the selected packages the Sky sports day ticket. This provides for a day access to exclusive live sports events such. As the current Bundesliga Highlights, the Champions League or the next race in Formula 1. The "Supersport day ticket" however, costs € 14.99 per day.

Received can you the Sky online stream with the following devices:

  • iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
  • Android smartphones and tablets
  • Windows 10 Tablets
  • PC & Mac
  • Xbox One

With the Sky Online TV box or directly from a Samsung Smart TV brings you the series and movies on the TV screen. Alternatively, streams content using the app with Chromecast or AirPlay from the smartphone and tablet to the TV.

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