Safari: Clear cache and empty – Here’s the Mac, Windows and on iPad and iPhone

Apple's Safari browser is a welcome alternative to Firefox and Co. On the iPad and iPhone, the browser pre-installed. While surfing the web contents are stored as images in the cache. Past pages can be accessed more quickly. If the browser stops working or want to free up space it again, you should regularly delete cache Safari.

Safari: Clear cache and empty - Here's the Mac, Windows and on iPad and iPhone

Here you learn how to empty the Safari cache.

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Safari: Clear cache and empty - Here's the Mac and PC

Particularly fast can you clear the Safari cache using a key combination.

  • On the Mac, you use the "cmd" + keys "old" + "E".
  • Vewendet its Safari on Windows, simultaneously pressing the "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "E" keys.
  • Confirms the following query to clear the cache.

Alternatively, you can delete the collected Surf files via the menu bar.

  1. controls opens the menu bar, the "Safari" menu and there the section "Reset Safari" on.
  2. In the next window you choose "Empty Cache".
  3. At this point you can delete the browser and the cookies.
  4. In addition, you have various other options available through which you can remove your settings and individual data about the surfing behavior.
  5. Confirmed entries with "Reset".


Safari: Clear cache and empty - Here's to iPad and iPhone

Do you want to clear the cache on Safari on iPhone or iPad goes as follows:

  1. Open the Settings app and calling the entry "Safari" on.
  2. Here expresses "Clear History" and "Cookies and Data Delete" to remove the cached web page content from the iOS store the button.


With us you also learn how to clear the history in Safari.

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