Remove Babylon Search: How to do it

Somewhere you have captured you the Babylon Search and now toolbars, plug-ins and unwanted programs are spreading on your computer. A normal uninstall will not be enough, but we know how you can remove it the Babylon Search without retaining any residue.

Remove Babylon Search How To's gemacht

To the Babylon Search completely remove from the computer two steps are necessary. In the first step you have any programs that have come about Babylon on your computer, remove. In the second step you your Internet browser exempt from search. We tell you for the most common browsers, how this works.

Uninstall Babylon Search

To remove the unwanted software installed, which is reached by Babylon Search on your PC, it does the following:

  1. Disconnects your Internet connection temporarily
  2. Calls on the Control Panel > programs on
  3. uninstall programs selected and determined Babylon
  4. uninstalled DealPly

Babylon Search

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Remove Babylon Search from your browser

The unwanted Babylon Search embeds itself not only in the PC, but also attaches itself to all active browser. Here you must manually perform some handles, lest again starts all over again the next start.

Remove Babylon Search: Firefox

  1. Starts Mozilla Firefox
  2. opens the Add-on Manager
  3. Removes the Babylon Add-ons (there would be two)
  4. Starts Firefox
  5. now therefore get in the address bar "about: config"
  6. Searches for "babylon"
  7. Right-click any found entries and select "Reset"
  8. Closes the tab
  9. Now select the arrow next to the search bar and activates "Manage Search Engines"
  10. Removes here also the Babylon Search and select a different search (eg Google)

Remove Babylon Search: Chrome

  1. Google Chrome starts
  2. Make your way through the settings in Tools > extensions
  3. Removes all entries of Babylon
  4. Opens in settings now options
  5. Changes the Home into a desired different URL (for example,
  6. Situated in the search again Google or another search engine instead of Babylon Search
  7. Under Manage Search Engines from her about the little X, select "Search the web (Babylon)"

Remove Babylon Search: Internet Explorer

  1. Starts the IE
  2. Make your way through the settings in the Internet options
  3. Changes the Home into a desired different URL (for example,
  4. Select the "Advanced" tab and select "Reset"
  5. Activates the check in the "Personal settings Clear" and operated "Reset" again
  6. Starts the new IE

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