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In the TV series Extant is the astronaut Molly Woods - played by Halle Berry - a mystery to the track: After her 13-month solo mission in space she is pregnant, despite complete isolation on the spaceship Seraphim. How can she teach the her husband? However, who has own problems with his self-built android son Ethan, a so-called Humanic. All information on the science fiction series including Stream, is available here.

(Source: www.cbs.com)

(Source: www.cbs.com)

In Extant Molly Woods comes after 13 months of their solo mission of the space station Seraphim back and is strangely pregnant. Her Mann John is currently developing its own under the project Humanics &Son; # 8220&# 8221; Ethan, who is a human android. Molly conceals events on the Seraphim or tampered with your memory? How does it explain the whole thing to her husband and what the with its Humanic Ethan before?


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Extant Series: Season 1 in the stream with Episode Guide

In Germany the channel Sixx radiates the first season of Extant from the 5th of June and although every Friday in a double episode. Those who have no TV connection, Extant be seen free of charge at TV streaming service Magine for the first 30 days. The service will stream all private channels freely available and some of the public service broadcasters in HD quality. An overview of all TV channels and packages of Magine be found here.

Extant look at Magine - free for 30 days

Season 1 of Extant has a total of 13 episodes:

episodeGerman titleOriginal titleBroadcast by Sixx
1The re-entryreentryFri, 06.05.2015, 20:15
2ExtinctExtinctFri, 06.05.2015, then
3I wish you were hereWish You Were HereFri, 06.05.2015, then
4refugeShelterFri, 12.06.2015, 20:15
5cover-upWhat On Earth Is Wrong?Fri, 12.06.2015, then
6nightmaresNightmaresFri, 19.06.2015, 20:15
7There are more things in heaven and earthMore In Heaven And EarthFri, 19.06.2015, then
8thpage breakIncursionFri, 26.06.2015, 20:15
9protection and careCare And FeedingFri, 26.06.2015, then
10Just a bunch of cardsA Pack Of CardsFri, 07.03.2015, 20:15
11A new worldA New WorldFri, 07.03.2015, then
12Before the bloodBefore The BloodFri, 10.07.2015, 20:15
13The missionAscensionFri, 10.07.2015, then

Extant Season 2: When does Season 2 to Germany?

Background information on the Extant series

Molly conceals events on the space station Seraphim?

Molly conceals events on the space station Seraphim? (Source: www.cbs.com)

The famous actress Halle Berry is known among other from the movies X-Men, James Bond (Die Another Day) and Cloud Atlas. The well-known director Steven Spielberg is involved as a producer on the series.

The importance of the series name &Extant; # 8220&# 8221; is in a sequence between Molly and her son Ethan Humanic clear: This is a self-painted picture and says while he painted the family to the spacecraft so that it is safe from extinction. Hence the word Extant that as much as &# 8220; pass&# 8221; or &# 8220; Still here&# 8221; means. It is based on the English word Extinction to - to German: the extinction or annihilation.

Fun Fact: The human androids or robots from the series Extant has even dedicated a Humanics website, is offered on to create his own Humanic.

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