No smoking in vehicles from 01. 05. 2016 – What is it?

Comes from 01. 05. 2016 a general ban on smoking in cars? If you believe a message that is being spread on Facebook and other social networks for some time, then already. On the other hand, one is always wary of such messages &# 8211; We have therefore looked at the smoking ban in vehicles even more precisely.


Hoaxes on Facebook

Smokers are increasingly being pushed out of public life: in public buildings, shops and restaurants, it has long no longer possible to be infected a cigarette and smoking are faced with increasingly exposed to new restrictions. The latest message that is being spread on Facebook recently, meets as well the zeitgeist: Supposedly should be prohibited in vehicles from 01. 05. 2016 smoking. Those who still approve a cigarette, therefore, must expect substantial fines.

No smoking from 01 05th 2016 in vehicles: Fake message or real law?

The message about the alleged ban on smoking in vehicles is currently being circulated on Facebook and other social networks and provides great uncertainty. Specifically, it says in the message:

As of 01.05.2016 in vehicles (cars, trucks and buses) may not be smoked. Such a law was adopted on Friday, which completely prohibits smoking in moving vehicles.
Violations of this law are punishable by up to 200 €.

The reasons for the ban are:

  • Children would, according to Ministry of Health too heavily burdened by smoking in the car.
  • In addition, the driver would be distracted by the fags, thus the risk of accidents on roads climb.
  • In addition, discarded cigarette out the window increased the risk of forest fires and polluted the environment.
  • After all, is still under discussion whether to exclude e-cigarettes by Law.

A ban on the phone at the wheel, there are known to be so for some time. now threatens a general ban on smoking in cars?

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What Facebook knows about you and how you to find out

Smoking: message on Facebook is a Hoax

To anticipate the same: The news about the alleged ban on smoking, which is being circulated on Facebook, is a hoax or a hoax. Originator of the message is the satire portal be disseminated at its 90% invented messages. Ironically, the news but was picked up and circulated by some other news sites &# 8211; by and by the initially mentioned increasing restriction of smokers, but could well arise of the impression that this is a real message.

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 Hoaxes and hoaxes on Facebook and Co.

On Facebook and other social networks, the most unlikely stories are spread constantly. Especially popular are fictional death reports as recently in the case of Michael Schumacher and Stefan Raab. In addition, however, we repeatedly messages to that address current issues and deliberately play with the concerns and fears of the people, just as the news that the child allowance in 2016 is only available with tax ID.

Facebook Thumbs Down Banner

Such rumors there were before, but through the Internet and social media, a new dimension has again been added: Since you can spread the message with a mouse click in a few seconds and everyone is linked to everyone, the stories quickly reach a huge audience , Many people also do not bother to verify who is the originator of the message &# 8211; thus incur the wildest rumors, of which the end no one can say exactly where they actually come from.

In general, you should at messages that are not in the &# 8220; official&# 8221; Media or on the TV appear always be careful &# 8211; more tips for recognizing hoaxes found in this article: What is a hoax and where you can expose him?

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