Authority to DMV: What do I need?

If you yourself do not have time to register a car that can also carry someone else. The need to power of attorney to DMV and recently also something more. Here the tips.

Authority to DMV: What do I need?

In Germany you can not just go to any office and do something for someone else. In derRegel you need to a power of attorney of the vehicle owner. For a motor vehicle registration, you need the full power and also some other documents.

Authority to DMV: What is needed?

First of all, you need a written and schiebene by the vehicle owner authority to DMV. This has, inter alia, the chassis number of the vehicle to be registered included. Furthermore, the personal data of the car owner and the registering person. In addition, the applicant needs two identity documents. First, it must have a valid identity card or passport of the car owner. Secondly, it must be self-identify with it.

In addition to a power of attorney to the DMV is still a lot also needs patience

In addition to a power of attorney to the DMV is still a lot also needs patience

But a car is not just logged. Should first example, a personalized license plate was registered, so you need a printout of this application as well as for fees. In addition, an electronic insurance confirmation is required. Which may consist of an identification number of the selected insurance.

And finally, you need a signed SEPA Direct Debit permission to withdraw the motor vehicle tax. Because traffic authorities no longer relies long that the driver is already remit the tax. And if we are talking about fees. are due to be also presented in addition to the authorization for vehicle registration fees for the registration of the car. And last must be possible get paid the same for the license plates.

Special cases are when the operation to be vehicle is to be a company vehicle and if the applicant is under age. Young people who register a vehicle for third parties, in addition to the authority of the DMV also need even more a permit authority of their parents and their identity papers.

Even more complicated is the application of a company car. How complicated will depend on the type of business. If a business registration or a certificate of registration before needed. If there is no power of attorney by a company owner with sole representation, then passes and separate car approval powers of all authorized representatives must be submitted. In companies with GbR status a person must be mentioned, which can then give the power of attorney for Motor Vehicles.

download authority to DMV

There are websites where you can download full general making. Experience has shown that you find such a power of attorney for a vehicle registration but also where you inform at the same time via the addresses and opening times, and also can make appointments the same: In the service pages of cities and towns. In larger cities, there is almost always a side of the road office, where you can download such powers as a PDF file. If communities are so small that there is no specific registration offices there, one finds in the pages of the city with admissions officers these documents. When in doubt, but firmly on the sides of the circle.

There is also information about the allocation of a historic mark. If a vehicle has been registered for the first time in front of at least 30 years, the holder may be a &# 8220; H License Plate&# 8221; apply for and then pay only a flat road tax. In addition to the authority to DMV, the applicant then but needs a registration certificate and a TÜV report according to § 23 c StVZO (finding the original state).

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