Disney movies 2014: What’s going on at the cinema? New Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars

What happens at Disney in 2014? The portfolio of Marvel, Pixar, Jim Henson and Lucasfilm, the original cartoon Group significantly strengthened in recent years, and some of it is still to be seen this year in theaters. Here the Walt Disney films in 2014 at a glance, with the trailers and the theatrical release appointments in Germany.

Disney movies 2014: What's going on at the cinema? New Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars

Recently, Robin has made in its list of the best Disney movies again pass the animated story revue. But the entertainment company is already for more than cartoons, in particular, makes what Disney has bought up in recent years, for anticipation. The view of the Disney movies 2014, but then a roller coaster of hopes and disappointments, the Pixar movie &# 8220; The Good Dinosaur&# 8221; for example, was postponed to December 2015, in terms of Star Wars, the pilot is, after all, premised on the new Rebel series. More in the view at the end of the article, now first the upcoming theatrical releases in Disney Universe &# 8211; Marvel to Muppets.

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Theatrical release of Disney movies 2014

Saving Mr. Banks (theatrical release in Germany: 06/03/2014)


"Saving Mr. Banks" | trailer check & Learn German German [HD]

The first Disney film in 2014 tells the story of Walt Disney himself. &# 8220; Saving Mr. Banks&# 8221; is about how the film magnate (played by Tom Hanks) tries the rights for &# 8220; Mary Poppins&# 8221; to obtain. The British writer P. L. Travers (Emma Thompson) is initially portrait orientation, the biographical drama is coming to an end expectable.

The Return of the First Avenger (3/27/2014)


"CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 - The Return Of The First Avenger" | 2nd Trailer Check German German [HD]

The superhero blockbuster from Marvel yes including since 2009 for Disney capital, for the quasi-successor to the &# 8220; Avengers&# 8221; the German distributor has the meaningful title &# 8220; Captain America 2&# 8221; painted, instead, stands there &# 8220; The Return of the First Avenger&# 8220 ;. Joss Whedon's Avengers proper sequel comes then, 2015.

Muppets most Wanted (05.01.2014)


The Muppets Most Wanted Trailer

In the first Muppet film is not only the theater was saved, but the charm of the series to the big screen. In the continuation Muppets most Wanted Kermit the evil doppelganger appears, there is a wild trip to Europe and other complications.

Maleficent &# 8211; the dark Fee (29.05.2014)


"Maleficent" | trailer check & Learn German German [HD]

With &Maleficent; # 8220&# 8221; dedicated to Disney again the story of &Sleeping Beauty; # 8220&# 8221 ;. Angelina Jolie takes on the main role of the dark fairy, the film tells the tale even from their perspective &# 8211; in elaborate 3D.

The Pirate Fairy (06.05.2014)


"The Pirate Fairy" | trailer check & Learn German German [HD]

The first animated film by Disney in 2014 dive into the fairy world, but promises not to be the big hit, the advanced Disney fans are hoping for. The target group is probably the smaller ones. More Disney movies in 2014 on page two&# 8230;

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