Enable AirDrop: So klappts

If you want to share content such as photos and video from a Mac, iPad or iPhone to another iOS or MacOS device nearby, you can use the service AirDrop. For this to work, you must first enable AirDrop.

We show you how you can set up AirDrop on Mac and on iOS device, so the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


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AirDrop activate the Mac

Both devices must be for data transmission on the same network or connected to each other via Bluetooth. Elsewhere, we help you if AirDrop does not work.

Enable AirDrop: So klappts

Thus AirDrop can be used on Mac OS X Yosemite least must be installed. It must also be enabled on Mac Bluetooth or WLAN. Gets the Finder menu bar "Go to" on or use the shortcut "Command Key" + "Shift" + "R".

  1. Controls "AirDrop" on. The entry can be seen on the balloon icon.
  2. If not already done, can be activated at this point Bluetooth or WLAN.
  3. AirDrop is started, you can set who can access files and for whom the AirDrop connection is visible.

Under some circumstances it is necessary to enable AirDrop before setting:

  1. Calls the page.
  2. Opens the settings.
  3. Searches for the entry "sidebar" and sets the hook with "Finder".

So you can enable AirDrop on iPhone and iPad

you want on the iPhone and iPad AirDrop use, proceed as follows:

  1. Calls the Control Center by their strokes from the bottom of the screen upwards.
  2. Here there is an entry for "AirDrop".
  3. Selects this to set whether anyone or only selected contacts may have access to images, videos, locations and more about AirDrop.

AirDrop is enabled, Bluetooth also turns on the iOS device. Want not their access AirDrop, Bluetooth must be turned off may manually on iPhone or iPad.

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