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With the "Activation Lock", an activation barrier, Apple has set an important security instrument to block mobile phone thieves. Find out here how to set the lock, how to remove them, and how they actually work.

With iOS Apple introduced the feature Activation Lock. It is an activation barrier that prevents an already activated iPhone or iPad can be activated once again against the will of the owner. Below we describe in detail how this works.

IOS 8 Activation Lock was activated immediately if someone has taken a new device with an Apple ID in operation. This theft protection is quite effective, but can also cause problems. But how the lock works with Activation Lock? How to put it and how is it removed?


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Remove Activation Lock

Activation Lock hangs "Find My iPhone" function together. During the initial start with an Apple ID and password, the function Activation Lock is activated. But there is nowhere a "switch" to disable it again. This is "Find My iPhone" only disabling.

So can you "Find My iPhone" or disable "Find My iPad":

Activation Lock disable iOS 3.10

  1. On settings tap, then tap your name, then click iCloud.
  2. taps Find My iPhone.
  3. Disables through the switch.
  4. Now you will after Password for Apple ID asked. Give it up and taps Deactivate.

are now both looking for the function My iPhone and Activation Lock disabled. We have explained to you elsewhere, as you can completely erase itself before selling an iPhone.

Are not even the owner of the registered Apple ID, then it is at least awkward, perhaps even impossible to remove the barrier by Activation Lock. In one hand purchased iPhone, the device should be removed and the Activation lock removed. If that is not the case, the previous owner, the Delete Activation Lock remotely and disable the activation lock.

The safest is still to buy a new iPhone. This time the currently best store offers:

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Activation Lock disable for an already deleted device via the iCloud:

  1. Of the Previous owners logs (about on a computer) in at.
  2. He clicks iPhone Search.
  3. In the following window All devices choose.
  4. The right device and choose Remove from account Click.

Now you can restart the device and activate it with your data.

Delete device from a distance and then turn off Activation Lock:

Here almost everything works as described above. Before the owner, however, the device Remove from account can, it must function Clear iPhone choose. Then the device data is deleted before Activation Lock is disabled.

Then you can also reboot the device and then activate and set up.

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How does Activation Lock?

As the name suggests, Activation Lock is an activation barrier. This ensures that an already activated device is activated again to be prevented. Of course you can remove an Activation Lock if you want to sell the phone at some point. That you have to even, because otherwise the customer can not do anything with the device.

activation lock status

By early 2017 you could the Activation Lock check online

As mentioned above, since each IOS 8 Apple phone or tablet is provided with the lock as soon as it is taken possession of by entering an Apple ID. Who wants to then delete the device or to reactivate that can only when he is in possession of these Apple ID along with password.

At the first activation, the Apple ID and the unique identification number of the device are stored on an Apple server. As soon as someone finds, steals or buys the phone or tablet, it will reset it usually to activate it again with its own ID. Because otherwise it could for example buy any other apps, because all the access to the linked account Apple missing.

For this reason, you must turn off Activation Lock before you even delete the cell phone from a sale or you can undo any problems.

Since the beginning of 2017 you can not check online the Activation lock status. Because of an extensive hacks Apple has this feature removed without comment. Until then, you could have them sent by the seller, the iPhone serial number or IMEI number of the phone to see if it was unlocked.

Still, it's no big deal if you buy a used iPhone or iPad. As described in the previous section, a seller can remove the devices from a distance or disable the lock by Activation Lock. For this he has to log in iCloud and remove the device from his account only with his Apple ID. This also ensures that the seller does not retain access to your phone.

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