Homefront The Revolution: Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Tricks

With Homefront: The Revolution Deep Silver goes to the next stage of simulated occupation of the United States by North Korea. It is up to you to resist. How do you especially, can go out of the way, at the beginning of the eyes and bullets of the occupiers, we will show you in our beginner's guide on this page.

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Homefront: The Revolution in Test

It is the year 2029. The United States is occupied by the People's Army of North Korea for four years. Initially, the North Korean troops had arrived under the guise of reconstruction, but over time, the brutality has taken the upper hand. As a member of the resistance you have to hone your strategy to hit and run to overcome the numerical superiority of your opponents. What skills can you facilitate the beginning of Homefront The Revolution and what behavior and tactics basics are helpful, we've put together this guide for you.


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 Homefront &# 8211; The Revolution: beginners tips for

Useful Skills character position in Homefront The Revolution:

To the beginning of the Homefront: The Revolution to survive, we recommend you to select one of three background skills for your character creation.

  • Car Mechanic - you could take everything apart blindfolded. Looting give you more prey.
  • gas Jockey - a bit more of this and it pack some sharpness in your inventions. Your firebombs have an increased radius.
  • Gangbanger - grew up on the streets of Philly, you have learned how you can take care of you. Capabilities of the category "survival" cost you less experience points.

The arsonists:

  • Used your first skill points for all Arsonists talent tree. This you can build your own incendiary and have so enough firepower to survive.
  • In addition, you should also a couple Distraction explosives carry in inventory to improve your tactics.

Take away, bagging, loot:

  • Take with everything you can find. Loot, loot, loot is the motto. Loots your opponent so you never run out of ammo and take a look in the world after crafting materials to.


  • If the craft not be your favorite, we suggest you that you go into the armory on a shopping spree.
  • especially the equipment boxes give the chance for new weapons and armor you.
  • In addition, the acquired assets will be unlocked for all your fighter. Thus acquires a character a weapon, so can all you use.

Homefront The Revolution: Beginner's Guide, Tips and Tricks

Dollars through missions:

  • Thus you sure do not lack the wherewithal you can some missions Repeat simple Difficulty and already you have on hand enough dollars.


  • Even if you have pockets full of Molotov cocktails, you do not need to throw all of this incoming vehicles.
  • With a few targeted shots to the Gas tank can achieve their similar effects.

Homefront The Revolution: Beginner's Guide, Tips and Tricks

Uses the card:

  • Keep your card in the eye. Even if you seem to master a situation, you can the card before advancing enemies to warn.
  • With their help, you can also keep overview about where your allies are and whether you can fight back with them an avoidable superiority yet.


  • Pays attention to beacon. This can lead you to the next point in your story or lead to valuable Plünderobjekten.

Other view:

  • Even if you possess a greater firepower in the team, it may be helpful to distinguish themselves from the group and enemies from a to attack other position, nail them.
  • This you can, for example, mark targets with your camera, make it easier for the whole group to take the enemy targeted.

Categories of weapons in Homefront The Revolution:

  • The weapon that matches their bears a weapon category &# 8211; you can always change the mode of your gun.
  • Assault rifles can be used for example for fighting at close range and ummodifiziert in a different situation to a sniper rifle.


In Story Trailer Homefront: The Revolution you get already a heroic idea of ​​what are your duties and have to combine like their ingenuity and aggressiveness. If ye turn chooses the large shotgun, an assault rifle, or at least the stealthy sniper rifle, it offers you many options for customizing your character.


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