ClickandBuy is set: save balances, change payment method from the iTunes Store

Almost 11 years could pay Apple about ClickandBuy - a popular way to use the iTunes Store without a credit card. Again as a reminder, last chance: ClickandBuy is set. Users should change their payment method and backup credit.

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iTunes 12.4: The innovations presented

We have already pointed out in January: ClickandBuy announced that the Payment system set on 01/05/2016 is and only until 30.04. can be used. These are exceptionally not spam or a phishing attempt - as so often in such mails. The website provides information about the process.

What it is for customers to do now?

Change payment method from the iTunes Store

First of all, you should change to get a negative balance at ClickandBuy payment method from the iTunes Store. Go on in iTunes or on the iPhone in the iTunes Store account. Here you find the point payment data. Choose To edit.


Now you can choose: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cell phone bill, No - and just now ClickandBuy. Thanks to mobile phone bill (unfortunately only for o2) and iTunes cards (best buy discounted!), We do not need a credit card to buy apps, etc.. 


iTunes: This is what the media player

On the other hand, credit cards are now available for free from numerous banks and other providers. Example: With an innovative concept and release via iPhone instead Postident recommend the free checking account Number26* with credit card.

A Free checking account with the iPhone: Number26

so click on the iTunes Store the method of payment and fill in the fields. The settings apply Incidentally, for the entire Apple ID, including for the App Store and Mac App Store.

payment method-itunes-apple

  • On the subject: chopped Apple ID / iTunes Account - Tips for better protection

secure ClickandBuy-Account

To give away any money, you should use up the credit or forward. A negative balance is not recommended so as not to fall to a debt collection company in the dissolution of ClickandBuy.

Who logs in only every few years on the website might not know his access. The user name is usually an email address. Password, you can have emailed to you a new one. 

Logged-in, check the menu item Pay off. Here you can leave you ClickandBuy cash out on a stored account, or link a new bank account.


save transaction history, sign out of ClickandBuy

Tip: ClickandBuy recommends that you save a transaction summary for personal documents before the closure of the service. For this, we go to the tab transactions -> Transaction Summary. Give date interval, maximum of the last 12 months. Save the index, for example, as a screenshot or PDF from - on the Mac cmd + p to press -> PDF -> Save as PDF

If you want to unsubscribe from the payment service equal completely, go to settings -> cancel account. To ensure that this chapter would be completed.

Alternatives to ClickandBuy

If there is no longer ClickandBuy - on which payment service we can rely? The alternatives from the iTunes Store are listed above. Most Internet payments can be made via PayPal or credit card * *: 

  • * Log in to PayPal
  • Free credit card and checking account *

Most also debit and isolated bank transfer in existing accounts is possible.

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