The Last of Us – Part 2: Will you meet Ellie’s mother?

The new trailer for The Last of Us: Part 2 brings a stir with it. While he presents the continuation of the post-apocalyptic adventure with lots of violence and darkness, perhaps he reveals even hints history. Will there be a long-awaited family reunion?

At the Paris Games Week, Sony released a new trailer for The Last of Us: Part before the second This is surprisingly not by Ellie and Joel, but of a violent confrontation between previously unknown characters.

Before we continue, take you to the same level of knowledge and inhale the bloody breath of new adventure:


The Last of Us - Part 2 - Trailer

At the same time published for the presentation of the trailer developers Naughty Dog on his Twitter account photos of the new characters and their voice actors. So you learn next Bösewichtin Emily (Emily Swallow) the team Lev (Ian Alexander) and Jara (Victoria Grace) know. And Laura Bailey, who lends her voice to the prisoners, whose character name was blacked out but mysteriously from Naughty Dog.




The mysterious woman and the four blackened letters brought the rumor and theory kitchen tidy simmer. Thus, the user M The Wookie J represents a theory that connect many: "Ellie's mother !!!!"

The user Tom B was even more incredible to a theory, when he examined the trailer Sherlock terms: "She is pregnant and is played by someone else. Side note: Ellie was born in 2018, this trailer came out in 2017, the game launch is 2018. "

The Userin Kaitlyn thought he had solved the riddle name: "4 letters = Anna". According to their theory, the player can the name of Ellie&# 8217; s mother to find out if he finds all the collectibles in the first part.

Provided that it is indeed in the woman to Ellie&# 8217; s mother should act, it could be that the players she meets either in the next part, or he himself may even play. In the first part it was said that her mother died shortly after her birth, which either actually true or will be revised after the fact.

Perhaps solve Ellie&# 8217; s mother and her mysterious death and the mystery of who is considered the announced revenge her daughter &# 8211; maybe her killer?

Prepare yourself with this item on the end of the world before:

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Story-wise, the player could also pursue two different timelines, past and present. A similar gameplay already appeared in the DLC Left Behind. Until we get answers, we must either wait for more trailers or ultimately be patient until the final release. The Last of Us: Part 2 will be released, according to the composer of the game until 2019 as a PS4 exclusive title. What do you think of the trailer and these theories? Have your say!

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