Erdogan announces Steam car model – Steam electric car to hit the market in 2021

27 years ago the last Turkish "Anadol" left the production line. Now a successor is to be built. Advantage: Turkey already has a powerful auto industry.

The Anadol A1 was built in 1966-1975 in cooperation with Ford. Now Turkey is planning together with five companies a new car model
The Anadol A1 was built in 1966-1975 in cooperation with Ford. Now Turkey is planning together with five companies a new car model

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Istanbul - No question: Turkey is a car-mad nation - it does not doubt who was once fought through the traffic of Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir. A own Turkish car brand However, there was the last time nearly 27 years. In the 60 years, Turkey had brought several types of the brand "Anadol" on the market. However, the production ended in the 1990s.

Now the country wants to continue this era. Turkey will again, according to State Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2021 a produced in the country, an independent auto launch. For the production of a consortium of five companies was responsible, the Turkish president said Thursday in Ankara.

These were considered by the Anadolu Group, the Turkish-Qatari company BMC Holding Kiraca that Turkcell Group and Zorlu Holding. Erdogan said he believed that the Turks prefer the car as soon as it was on the market.

Turkey bought rights to Saab model

Unrealistic plans are not - new either. Already in 2015 confirmed the then industrial and present Defense Minister Fikri Isik: Turkey bought the licenses at 9-3 by the Swedish owner NEVS. At that time also announced that it will be the vehicle is an electric car with extended range.

The Turkish automotive industry is basically in good shape. Seven car plants produce southeast of Istanbul and around Bursa. A supply infrastructure is therefore available as well as skilled workers. Nearly 1.5 million vehicles produced the country in 2016, of which, however, about three-quarters were exported.

These cars will be produced in Turkey

produced in Gebze Honda the compact Civic in the successful particularly in Eastern Europe notchback variant. Not far away stands the Turkish ford-Factory in Kocaeli The US company produces commercial vehicles such as transit and Tourneo Courier. From 2019, the Transit Custom is to run as a plug-in hybrid from the band here. A little further east produced in Izmit Hyundai the small car i10 and i20 for the European market. Toyota builds in the near Sakaraya models Corolla, C-HR and verso.

Bursa is the second automobile "hotspot" of Turkey. The Tofas plant was established in 1968 by the Turkish Koc Holding and Italian Fiat group. Main current models are the leisure activity vehicle Doblo and Fiorino and their numerous derivatives: Ram Promaster City, Opel Combo, Peugeot Bipper. produced next Fiat here is the new compact line with Tipo, Tipo wagon and Aegea.

Not far from the Tofas plant to other automakers have settled: Renault here produces the Clio as a station wagon and hatchback and the sedan Fluence. leaves at Karsan Otomotiv Hyundai also produce commercial vehicles H 350th

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