Kia Sportage endurance test: Readers test of the MT-Youngsters – large, comfortable, but with weaknesses in the details

we will not test alone but with you our long-term test car: traveling MT-Youngsters were two weeks with our Kia Sportage.

The MT-Youngsters were two weeks with our time traveling tester
The MT-Youngsters were two weeks with our time traveling tester

Source: Nicks smaller showroom

Berlin - Beep, beep. Nearly 7,000 kilometers accompanied us the Kia Sportage - beep - on our trip through Scotland. Peep peep. What does this Gepiepe to? we asked ourselves the same question.

That is why we started right at times with a negative point: The Sportage is annoying because it constantly beeps. Sure, sometimes it makes sense. But mostly completely unfounded. The Kia warns (with the engine) when the driver's door is open. And when opening the tailgate. And when closing the tailgate. And anyway. In short, camps, we were particularly popular, especially at night.

Kia Sportage: plenty of room, but not everywhere

Traveling with roof box: The trunk is smaller than expected. There are beautiful plenty of space at the knees Traveling with roof box: The trunk is smaller than expected. There are beautiful plenty of space at the knees Source: Nicks smaller showroom Enough scolded. Apart from beeping we were on the whole satisfied with the car. Especially with its facilities. The beautiful leather seats offer seats on the four outer seats and ventilation in the front row. First, they do not feel too comfortable. After a while one has however found the best sitting position and feel very comfortable.

It would be nice a lower seating position. Two to three centimeters more depth it should be. Then tall passengers have plenty of head room. From about 1.85 meters tall, the headliner against the hair suppressed.

At the back we want also more space. When the trunk lid is pivoted (Beep, beep), one likes bumping the head. In a large SUV, we just do not expect that we have to bend down under the flap.

The trunk of the Kia holds 491 liters of luggage in the data sheet. Above the window edge but he is not too good usable. A roof box we were not around during our trip. The Mazda 6 Kombi (522 liters) we took a similar amount of luggage without a backpack. have more space for the legs of the passengers. Here, the Sportage is very generous. So you need to place more frequently.

The devil is in the details

Super: The Sportage automatically converts the information mph in the UK in km / h values ​​to Super: The Sportage automatically converts the information mph in the UK in km / h values ​​to Source: Nicks smaller showroom nevertheless, the first look at the interior leaves a zwiegespaltenen impression. Processing, however, is not true, the materials. Although fit the gaps, buttons can be pressed well and it rattles nothing. But what you touch also is hard plastic. Especially in the center console to the automatic gearshift lever and the door panels which is particularly noticeable.

The upper part of the dashboard is under foam, but the fake seam acts on top silly. Apart from this, but we liked the interior. In all doors 1.5-L bottles fit, and there are many large bins. In the center console smart phones can be charged inductively.

Ever had electricity thanks to three 12-volt power outlets and USB charging sockets front and rear abundantly present. Only by data-USB port for the entertainment system a cell phone charges almost not to. The connection via Bluetooth is economic - here but lacking in some features touchscreen.

Toll: The Kia plant has a nice, balanced sound. That had convinced us already in the Venga two years ago. Also the Navi makes his service good. While there are faster systems, better-resolution touch screens and intuitive operations. But we managed very well with the system. In the UK, the system automatically calculated the traffic signs into km / h. What is missing is a power closing the window.

Makes you want to autonomous driving

During the trip, the SUV frequently went off-piste During the trip, the SUV frequently went off-piste Source: Nicks smaller showroom Not only is the traffic sign assistant works very well. Also, the lane departure warning does its job perfectly. It keeps the car centered in the lane and rarely allows himself Patzer. Unfortunately, the driver must confirm his attention to steering interventions - touches not enough.

With traffic sign, blind spot and lane departure warning, the Sportage already runs almost by itself. Unfortunately, the adaptive cruise control, the Kia Sportage for missing not offered in this package. Also, there is no start-stop system in the large diesel.

Perhaps because it is coupled to a 6-speed fully automatic transmission as opposed to the smaller engines. This seems outdated and allows the engine to turn unnecessarily high. The engine itself feels relatively weak for such a big diesel. Especially on the highway he hides felt 50 hp.

Despite Diesel quite thirsty

The consumption was at our tour with a high proportion of road on average 8.5 liters per 100 kilometers. On the highway is no roof box like to a 9 before the decimal point. By comparison with the Mazda 6, we spent a good two liters less at similar driving profile.

Who rolls through Scotland, is not alone on the street Who rolls through Scotland, is not alone on the street Source: Nicks smaller showroom This may be due to the large face, the 19-inch wheels, the torque converter transmission and all-wheel drive Kia somewhere. But to such values ​​should be prepared, if you are interested in a Sportage.

Overall, the Sportage is a comfortable touring car. Its taut chassis barely ironed bumps away. For this you need the car, despite the high center of gravity does not contribute to the curves. Even at high highway speeds hardly what brings him out of the rest. We were surprised that it is very quiet inside.

A final drawback gets the Sportage for the all-wheel system. On gentle terrain is quickly overwhelmed. If two wheels no traction, they are neither slowed nor the power is sent to the other wheels. The result is that you get stuck and can free itself again with momentum. The "problem" has been known for several generations Sportage. He's just an SUV, not a SUV.


All in all, the Sportage is a good car. Practicality and lifestyle hold up well balanced. Weak concrete little things that let him drive behind the competition. For this, the car wins on price.

Kia Sportage 2.0 CRDI 185 GT-Line: Specifications

  • Motor: 2.0-liter turbo-diesel storage catalyst
  • Transmission: six-speed automatic torque converter transmission, all-wheel drive
  • Power: 185 hp (136 kw) at 4000 U / min
  • Torque: 400 Nm at 1750 to 2750 rev / min
  • Top speed: 201 km / h
  • Acceleration 0-100 km / h: 9.5 s
  • Consumption according to the manufacturer: 6.3 l / 100 km
  • Year: December 2016
  • Base Price Kia Sportage 2.0 CRDi 185 AWD: 36.490 €
  • Test car price (list): 42,860 euros
  • Length: 4,480 mm
  • Width: 1.855 mm
  • Height: 1,635 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,670 mm

More impressions of the Scotland Travel there is the blog of the MT-Youngsters.

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