Windows 10 Transformation Pack Download

Who does not want to directly change to the Windows 10, you can still get to the Windows 10 Transformation Pack a sense of how the new operating system looks like.

What can the Windows 10 Transformation Pack?

Many users of Windows 8 could make friends with the operating system never and eagerly await the sequel. With the transformation pack, Microsoft provides an easy way available for free to get rid of the annoying tiled look and return to the familiar Start menu view.

Windows 10 Transformation Pack: Gives older Windows operating systems, a new look.

Windows 10 Transformation Pack: Gives older Windows operating systems, a new look.

Other changes are purely graphical in nature. These features are changed in Windows-10 Optics:

  • Login Screen
  • virtual desktops
  • Cortana-like search bar
  • Themes
  • Wallpapers
  • cursor
  • Fonts
  • sounds
  • Icons

The Transformation Pack can download up all users from Windows XP.

Possible problems

What sounds tempting once, but also carries risks. Older Windows systems are not ideally designed for the changes. At worst, it will crash. Therefore, one should urgently create before a backup, for example, by specifying a system restore point. Some anti-virus scanner also criticize the installation because these changes makes to system files.

Windows 10 Transformation Pack Alternative: Windows 10-UX Pack

Who installing the transformation pack appears too risky, which has an alternative. The UX-Pack offers similar functionality but uses less deeply into the operating system. Windows 10 look for your home screen and log screen are included, plus new wallpapers and themes as well as Cortana-like search bar and virtual desktops UX Pack.

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Windows 10 Transformation Pack

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