[How To] Older RNS 510 models – Firmware Update FW5238

I want to explain to you in this article again, step by step, as you your old RNS 510 (index A, B) will update the firmware 5238 in order to benefit from the advantages. For the current FW versions are not interpreted for older devices. A few people on the net, however, have made the effort to make these versions compatible with older models.


I white right here at the start point out that I am not liable for damage to the RNA !!! The life of your RNS is all alone in your hands !!


The update of the RNS is in fact not completely harmless. For some it may be, does not pass through the update and the middle of it breaks off, it will not start because it has no more FW. In this case, it usually helps to go back to the last, released for this version of RNA. In case of Index A device that would be the FW 1200th


is also very important when RNA Update necessarily a charger Connect the battery !! The engine must not be running during the update process! Please note that before it gets going.


You should also keep in mind that is formatted with the update of your hard disk and lost your entire data stored on it. Navi maps are erased that must be reinstalled afterwards.


Here is some important benefits that the update brings with it:

  • The RNS is faster and more stable. If torture you working crashes or unwanted reboots during RNA -> FW Update
  • The Climatronic display is now on the RNS supported (Only for climate control units of the 2nd and 3rd generation!)
  • The update adds a third partition to the hard disk on which the POI can be installed. See more at the end of the article
  • The voice control is now supported.
  • The user interface is after the update changed slightly (possibly fall only in daily operation on)


There are more new features, but these are the most important first. So and now without further ado we get time to update. First of all you've got to download the firmware times. Which there is often the web, simply googling times thereafter.



Next still ahead: Uses please mark blanks, no cheap things.


Here's a little guide:


1. All download and put it in a folder

2. Invite you online CDBurnerXP down (Freeware)

3. Open the program and click "Burn ISO image"

4. Then choose the .img file and the drive where your blank is located. Thereafter, the writing speed over to 4-fold. Not faster! If you have time you can also slow burning.

5. If the CD is finally burnt You can extract them and goes to the car.

pack 6. Open the car key in your pocket, open the engine cover and battery charger Connect (important !!)

7. RNA switch, wait until it is fully ramped up.

8. Insert CD, Navi complains possibly will not recognize the CD. If this happens, the RNS reset times (both arrow keys + i button)

8.1. If the reset does not go, you try eject button + Info button + SETUP button in the running state. This will force the update from the CD.

9. The update should now be read from the CD. The instructions shown on the screen follow

10. Start update.

11. When the update is completed, the RNS by itself restarts and the FW ejects CD.

12. Should you and your RNS now alive, then everything went well! Congratulation!


Here's a hint: The update takes about 1 hour, in which the RNA restarts apprupt again, or, especially when Gateway Update, the screen remains black long periods of time. THAT IS NORMAL! so fall prey not panic! I stood just before the heart attack during the update. Start most update and walk one hour away :-)


To once again something very important to clarify: The update takes a lot of power! so please clamped to a charger! If within one hour your RNA deprived of electricity, and thus the update is interrupted, the PERMANENT may result damage to the RNA with it. So here is a lot at stake!


I will give you only point to the risks and make any here too afraid. For most of the update is going well. I just do not want someone comes running up to me crying and complaining, the RNS is scrap because the battery was empty. Your needs you also do not worry about the automatic Sichen off after 30 minutes while the update is exposed.


Desweitem I recommend to you while the update is in progress to study the following page and the local video thoroughly. That explains how you bring upon successful update the POIs with on RNA:






So, then I can do nothing but to wish you luck! Should still be open, just a message to ask me.

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